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Cheat Sheet: 4 Simple Tricks On How To Easily Get Along With Your S.O.’s 'Barkada'

Cheat Sheet: 4 Simple Tricks On How To Easily Get Along With Your S.O.’s 'Barkada'

One of the major components to consider, if you’re in a relationship, is your S.O.’s barkada, especially if you two have different circles of friends. And yes, meeting them for the first time can sometimes be a nerve-racking moment because getting along with them is a major concern for you. Impressing them and getting their approval may have also crossed your mind, which, TBH, wouldn't hurt at all.

But on a lighter note, just think of it this way: they’re your S.O.’s closest friends, which means they are all basically on the same page. So there's a huge possibility that you’d also get along with them just fine. And sometimes, these hacks can help you win their hearts without much effort!

1. Just be yourself. As cliché as it may sound, this one-liner is always a great reminder when seeing new people and going to several get-togethers. Just show them the real you, the one their friend fell in love with, and it will simply do the trick!

2. Find out your common interests. Being with your special someone’s barkada would of course mean lots of talking. And since you’re at the getting-to-know stage, start connecting with them by asking questions that will lead you to discovering what your common interests are. This will keep your conversations going which is definitely a good place to start!

3. Invite them to hang out some time. Once you know the things you all like, it becomes easier to plan something for the group. Spend time with them by inviting them to stuff you’re all interested in – you may see a movie, check out a new restaurant, go to a gig, play some sports, or simply grab a drink. Doing things together can surely make you all closer!

4. Treat them as if they’re your own friends. This way, hanging out with them, even without the person you're dating, becomes easy-peasy. And the fun part is you instantly gain another set of friends, because TBH, the more, the merrier!

Getting along with your SO’s barkada easily is an essential part of your relationship. With these simple tricks to give you that little push you need, you'll surely become friends with them in an instant! Do you have any other tips? Share them in the comments section below!

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