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#ChalkLovesElNella: Janella Salvador And Elmo Magalona Conquer Showbiz Hand In Hand

#ChalkLovesElNella: Janella Salvador And Elmo Magalona Conquer Showbiz Hand In Hand



Since their early days as a love team, Born For You lead stars Janella Salvador and Elmo Magalona have slowly made their way to the frontlines of showbiz as one of the hottest on-screen couples in the country. Their chemistry is so undeniably natural that it's hard to believe that it took some effort to find their footing as a love team when they first met.

Janella admitted that when she met Elmo for the first time, she was skeptic that the two of them would ever hit it off because they were both so quiet and reserved. Thankfully, they were able to break the ice after discovering their common denominators (food and music) and everything progressed smoothly from thereon.

"It's so nice how we really got along," said Janella. "Since I enjoyed working with him, I really wanted it to work out so I learned how to be a good partner and make things work as a team and not just as individuals." 

Establishing a pace that they were both comfortable with took some time, but that was only the beginning of the challenges would be facing as young celebrities. "When you get into showbiz, you can’t help but have people around you who have something to say," Janella answered when asked about the greatest challenge they've faced so far. "People keep saying stuff about us—about him, about me—para masira kaming dalawa sa isa’t isa."

Of course, this is only one of the many trials they both have to overcome as young artists. When we asked them how they keep each other positive despite the pressure and the difficulties, Elmo answered, "At the end of the day, we always remember to remind each other that we are a team, and what teams do is that they help each other out."

Hand in hand, these two have proved themselves capable of braving whatever life throws their way. It also seems that Janella and Elmo are now prepared to take on 2018 as they've already started the year on such a high note. After starring in a Maalaala Mo Kaya episode which instantly became the third highest-rated episode, ElNella is currently conquering the big screen with their latest fantasy film My Fairy Tail Love Story. Here, Janella plays the role of Chantel, a girl cursed to be a mermaid, while Elmo portrays her best friend Noah, who helps her find the "Prince Charming" who can break the spell. From misadventures to happy every afters and all the kilig bits in between, we can hardly wait to watch these two send sparks flying on the big screen!

Both actors take pride in the underwater scenes for different reasons—Elmo because it had been his first time filming underwater and; Janella because going through diving lessons had been a challenging encounter for her especially since she sometimes has claustrophobic tendencies. But these two have proven that struggles only make any experience all the more fun and memorable especially when they go through it together.

Brought to us by Regal Entertainment Inc., My Fairy Tail Love Story is the perfect Valentine's treat! Make sure to catch #ElNella's newest kilig project starting today, February 14th!

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Photographed by Andrea Beldua
Styled by Bonita Peñaranda (Janella) and Myrrh Lao To, Assisted by Carvey Samonte & Zia dela Rosa (Elmo)
Makeup by Effie Iñigo
Hair by Ezekiel Otilla
Grooming by Aimee Grey
Shot on Location at Joy-Nostalg Hotel and Suites




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