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Now Showing: Okay, Let's Recap All The Literally Gasp-Inducing Moments From 'Fifty Shades Freed!'

Now Showing: Okay, Let's Recap All The Literally Gasp-Inducing Moments From 'Fifty Shades Freed!'

To close the saga of Christian Grey and Anastacia Steel’s love story and/or sexual evolution, is Fifty Shades Freed. Honestly? I am glad that it’s finally over.

Having seen the previous two parts of this series, I have already set my expectations low about it and ended up enjoying this one, just a bit more than the other two. As a film, tone-wise, this seems like the most solid among the three though story-wise, all the mystery and intrigue were concentrated in the first installment. +2

Jamie Dornan is #bodygoals for me. That’s actually the only good thing I can say about him being part of this franchise. +1

Dornan just lacks the acting range for the character of Christian Grey. He had a crying scene in this one which should have been a powerful moment given the back story of his character. But it just breezed through me with no emotional effect at all. More than just having the perfect body for this role, 'cause there are a lot more handsome actors out there, they should really have considered the acting prowess first and foremost. Now it’s just another role of a lifetime, put to waste. -5

Dakota Johnson salvages the film for me with her light quirks and enamouring screen presence. I actually feel that she’s still too pretty for the role 'cause Anastacia Steel should be more of just a plain Jane as I heard. (I’ve never read the book.) Or maybe I just really love her face. She grows on you the more you watch her on the big screen. +4

Johnson also looks so relaxed and comfortable in her naked scenes, too, adding more to the natural tone of her character in the film. It also makes everything seem less sleazy and risque than it actually is. +3

For a franchise that is sexually charged, this third chapter is the only arousing film among the three which deserves to be noted. +2

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of this installment’s creative use of ice cream. +3

Story wise, it’s quite funny how the film makes it seem that doing the deed becomes the solution to all their problems. -5

The final confrontation scene was just lame, unimaginative, and uninspired that I was wishing someone just died for it to have some excitement. -4

I’m trying my hardest to think of other good stuff about the film and I finally remember one. Christian Grey has reservations about having a child because he felt that having one might steal Ana’s attention away from him. It may sound selfish but it is actually a valid concern of some married couples who are not in a rush to have children. Some marriages want to linger more in their honeymoon phase so what’s wrong with that? +2

There! A total of three points for part three of the Fifty Shades of Grey series. I’ve never read the book so it’s hard for me to judge if there was really ever a story worthy of telling in three parts. That's aside from the premise of the film being initially about BDSM, which has never been tackled before on mainstream cinema. I would not personally recommend this if you’re looking for a film with a deeper sense and meaning but if you just wanna sit back, relax, and be, say, aroused, then go, knock yourself out. Also, if you’ve seen the first two, maybe you ought to catch this one, too, just for the sentimentality of it.

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