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Daily Diaries: What It's Like To Be A K-Pop Fan Girl's Real Life Boyfriend

Daily Diaries: What It's Like To Be A K-Pop Fan Girl's Real Life Boyfriend

Being a true K-pop fangirl can be a full-time job that needs commitment and dedication. And with all the love a fangirl gives to her favorite group, some might think that they don't have time or the desire to date someone in real life. But the truth is, some K-pop fangirls have found the ultimate bias-wreckers in the form of their real-life boyfies!

Being a K-pop fangirl's boyfriend takes a lot of support and understanding. It has its ups and downs like every relationship does, but what really makes being a K-pop fangirl's boyfriend an exclusive experience? We interviewed 21-year-old Kris who's dating a die-hard fangirl, Marsha, who will do everything for her favorite K-pop boy group EXO. Find out the things that only K-pop fan's boyfie would understand below!

1. You'll become a K-pop fanboy yourself.

Kris says, "There's a lot of things I've never thought I'll do when I started dating Marsha. I noticed that my playlist has now changed from being popular international songs to K-pop tracks. Also, I now buy albums and merchandise of her favorite group, because I've become a fan of them, too." Once you date a K-pop fangirl, brace yourself from being influenced by their non-stop spazz moments, and, soon you'll find yourself becoming a fan as well!

2. There are times when they would choose their bias over you.

Don't take it the wrong way, but you have to admit that they've "met" their bias before your relationship; it was her and them, before there was you! "There was a time when I absolutely got jealous over her bias just because when I asked her to choose between the two of us, she chose him. But at the same time, I understand because she experienced all of the joy and struggels before she met me." Kris understands it and adds that, "What I'm thankful for is that I know she'll never cheat on me, unless her bias asks her out." #LOL 

3. You won't be able to keep secrets from her.

Besides being updated with their favorite idols, these K-pop fangirls are also part-time investigators! "I don't even think of hiding anything from her, because I know it's easy for her to find out what I've been doing or anything I haven't told her yet."


4. If you want time alone, don't worry because she'll willingly give that to you.

Kris says that you have to understand that these full-time fans need their time alone just to fangirl over their bias or favorite group. "She's a huge spazzer! She gets cranky when I don't give her time or when I bother her when she's spazzing." When asked what he does when her girlfriend is busy fangirling, "I also do my own stuff. But most of the time, I wait for her (or support her quietly) to finish with her spazz moments." Now that's some #RelationshipGoals right there!

5. Be ready to comfort her when something happens to her favorite group.

If something happens to her favorite group or within the fandom, she will need you to be there to cheer her up. "I remember there was a time when a member left her favorite group, she cried so much. She was devastated for a month! I know she's a hardcore fangirl, so I expected it already. Whenever she feels bothered about her favorite group or fandom's problems, I reassure her that it's going to be fine." Awww! According to Kris, don't look at it as if what her idol's going through is not of her business because it is, TBH. Nothing is too small of a deal for a hardcore fan, remember that!

6. You will experience her daily dose of aegyo.

One thing that Kris loves most about having a hallyu fanatic as a girlfriend is how she's mastered the art of aegyo or looking pa-cute, and you just can't help but fall in love. "Honestly, there would be no chance that I'll get mad at her for a long time because whenever she wants something or does something I didn't like, all she needs to do is do aegyo in front of me, and I'll forgive her already." Kris adds, "Also, her aegyos are for my eyes only!"

We think we can all agree that someone like Kris is totally the ideal boyfriend! Pushing their patience and understanding to the limit without them breaking, all the while still giving you the time of day, is just #goals in every angle. Perhaps, they're all the bias we need after all.

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