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Cheat Sheet: How To Deal With Loud Roommates

Cheat Sheet: How To Deal With Loud Roommates



By Zoe Eluekezi
Chalk Campus Correspondent

As a college student, chances are you're living away from home to be closer to school. You might be staying in a dorm across the campus or an apartment elsewhere, and since it isn't practicale to rent by yourself, sharing a room is your best option. If you're lucky, you'll get along with your roommates well and they may even become your closest friends. However, if you chance upon roomies who pester you by being loud and disrespecting your precious alone time, then that's where the problem begins.

Whether you're getting that much-needed rest or studying for an exam, having that peace and quiet is a must. So, from blocking the noise out to actually communicating your concern, here are our simple tips on how to deal with your roommates whenever they get rowdy.

1. Wear earplugs. Earplugs make for the easiest way to block any unwanted noise. If you invest in the right pair, they can be so effective that you might even end up oversleeping!

2. Exercise. It's true that a good workout can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep during the night when done consistently. Aerobic exercises like cycling, walking, and running can noticeably increase the quality of your sleep. It will also help to exhaust yourself, which makes falling asleep a lot easier!

3. Turn on white noise. Absorb the noise with more noise. Whether it's your roommates' movement, talking, snoring, or slamming of the door, you can surely  block those sounds with white noise, You can do this by getting a white noise machine or you can listen to a white noise playlist online.

4. Program your mind. It's pretty impressive how some people can sleep no matter the amount or kind of noise. Most times it is because they have refused to let the noise affect them pyschologically, and so they get used to it. You should try to prepare your body for sleep by relaxing your mind. It is also important not to let the noise or your rommies annoy you, because these negative emotions will make it even harder for you to sleep.

5. Communicate. You've got to talk to your housemate about it instead of being pissed off and consitently losing your sleep. It is important to calmly yet effectively let them know that they are loud and how this affects you. They may not have even thought about it, so it's always better to talk things out. 

Do you have any experiences with noisy roommates? How did you deal with them? 

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