For a Pinoy Seafarer, Accurate Time is of the Essence!

For a Pinoy Seafarer, Accurate Time is of the Essence!

We all know how hard it is to be an OFW, especially if one is the family’s breadwinner.

Among the more difficult OFW jobs out there is being a seaman; they would travel not just to one country but to several countries by ship. Knowing the accurate time for that specific location is crucial for their jobs and missions, as most of their tasks and responsibilities are time-bound. And, going from one time zone to another, our beloved seafarers would always have the burden of knowing the local time, not only on land but in sea. 

But what if there was a watch that can easily adapt to the changing time zones every time a seaman would arrive in a different geographies?

There are several kinds of watches seamen can choose from; there’s the traditional mechanical wristwatches, and quartz wristwatches. Given the advancements in technology, watchmakers make their best effort in providing accurate time for seamen who travel often to different countries and deal with multiple time zone changes.

Enter the radio and GPS-based wristwatch: a different kind of wristwatch that has emerged into the Filipino market in recent months. Though it is not as popular as the normal mechanical and quartz watches, radio and GPS-based watches are slowly being recognized as another kind of wristwatch OFWs like seamen would consider buying.

What makes them different from traditional wristwatches is their ability to adjust to the correct time by themselves, through the help of the six atomic clocks around the world, and through GPS satellites. Some variants may use either of the two, while newer variants make use of both GPS and radio to determine the correct time.

These watches are perfect for seamen, as they are assured with the correct time wherever they are. Radio and GPS wristwatch can help seamen be in sync with the proper time, in order to make a call, whether a voice call or video call, to their loved ones.

Being a relatively new form of wristwatch, there are only a few brands who make radio and GPS wristwatches. So far, only Casio, Citizen, and Seiko, all Japanese manufacturers, offer such type of watches. Other brands, including luxury brands, have yet adopted this technology.

While many would question the price of these kind of wristwatches, with models costing at least 100,000 thousand Pesos, radio and GPS wristwatches still have a long way to go to penetrate a bigger market, especially in the Philippines, where price is a major concern for OFWs.

Although GPS and radio wristwatches do not differ with mechanical and quartz watches in terms of design and aesthetics, the technology incorporated into them is something worth considering, especially when an on-the-go seaman would like to know the right time to connect with their loved ones while dealing with several time zone changes as they travel from one country to another.

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