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In Focus: 7 Reasons Why You Should Include Your Friends In Your Fitness Journey

In Focus: 7 Reasons Why You Should Include Your Friends In Your Fitness Journey



By Zoe Eluekezi
Chalk Campus Correspondent

Whether you just want to maintain your figure, get your dream body, or simply live a healthy lifestyle, the truth is that embarking on a fitness journey can be a tiring one, especially when you are in it alone. As young people, hanging out with friends is part of our routine, and spending time with them can be a huge source of fun. So, imagine including those friends in your fitness journey! Did we hear 100x more fun? Exactly!

But aside from satisfying the social butterfly in you, having fitness buddies can have its real benefits. Here, we list down the pros of making fitness a group journey!

1. It will lessen your tendency to be bored. If you make your next gym sesh an opportunity to bond with your friends, then, surely, you'll get the fun out of this rather exhausting routine. Just imagine all the laughs in between those crunches. That's double core workout, right? 

2. You'll push yourself harder. Yes, this is so true especially when your friend is fitter than you. Seeing their effort, strength, endurance level, and progress will challenge you to work harder. You'll be amazed at how much you can accomplish when working out with a friend. That's all the #fitspiration you need, TBH!

3. You'll be accountable.  Remember how many times you've planned to hit the gym or start exercising at home but never did? That's mainly because you knew no one could question your decision. So, if you make going to the gym a group plan, there's a lesser chance that you'll cancel because who wants to be labeled as the ditcher friend, right?

4. You'll work out longer. It's easy to get bored or tired when working out alone. This means that it won't take long before you decide that you're done for the day. But when working out with a friend, you won't even notice how time flies because you're having too much fun! Surely, an hour won't even be enough for you to finish all your sets because you can't help but chat in between!

5. You'll be able to do partner exercise. Fact is that there are some great exercises that need to be done with a partner like band jumps and external rotation. This is also a great way to incorporate diversity into your routines.

6. You'll get that extra motivation. We cannot overemphasize importance of motivation in your fitness journey. There are days when you just don't feel like doing anything because the results aren't showing as fast as you expected. Friends can give you the words of encouragement needed to get you going. Sometimes, just seeing them go for that extra minute on the treadmill will help you keep up!

7. You'll see results faster.  Now that you are committed, consistent, and having fun while pushing yourself harder, the results will be begin to show faster than when you were slacking off. Dream body, achieved! Thanks, friends!

Now that you know the pros of including a friend in your fitness journey, what are you waiting for? Time to hit the gym to get your bikini-ready bods!

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