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In Focus: 5 Korean YouTubers We're Subscribed To (And You Should, Too!)

In Focus: 5 Korean YouTubers We're Subscribed To (And You Should, Too!)



We already know that when it comes to talent, South Korea is in a whole new level. With hit dramas, booming pop scene, and unique variety shows, there's no wonder why we always look to them whenever we want to be entertained.

But aside from actors and idols, you should also know that there are also Korean YouTubers worth your attention! If you're a fan of music covers, mukbang sessions, and beauty tutorials, then these creators are right up your alley. Here are five Korean YouTube stars you should subscribe to!

1. PONY Syndrome 

Hye-min Park A.K.A. PONY Syndrome, this Korean beauty guru has risen to popularity and garnered over three million subscribers because of her astounding makeup skills. With her on-point transformations into Kylie Jenner and Taylor Swift, it's no surprise that most of her videos have become viral online. Pony was originally an ulzzang, a Korean term used for good-looking people online, before she became a makeup vlogger and artist. Plus, she's 2NE1 CL's former makeup artist and close friend, so we're sure she's legit! 


Mukbang, a Korean term for eating a large amount of food while documenting themselves and interacting with the viewers, has become widely popular online these days. From local YouTubers like Anna Cay and Toni Sia to international stars like Trisha Paytas and Bretman Rock, mukbang is an all-time hit concept! But the craze all started in Korea where YouTubers broadcasted themselves when they're eating to lessen the loneliness other people feel when they eat alone. One of the first few YouTubers who did this was Jung Mansu, widely known as Banzz and "The King of Mukbang." With over 2 million subscribers, Banzz gained popularity because unlike the other mukbang broadcasters, Banzz has the ability to eat a lot while keeping his body fit and ripped!

3. Waveya

This online female duo is known for their sexy dance covers as well as original choreography of K-Pop songs, and other international hits. They've gathered 2.7 million subscribers, and has already performed in concerts in various countries like South Korea, USA, United Kingdom, Indonesia, and Canada. Waveya used to have 14 members, but due to a lot of changes within the group, only Ari and MiU, who created the group, are the only ones left. Waveya's popularity still remains with most of their videos reaching a million views and some even going viral like their dance cover of PSY's "New Face" and BLACKPINK's "As If It's Your Last."

4. Sungha Jung

Sungha Jung, going by the YouTube username Jwcfree, is one of the OG Korean YouTubers. He's often described as the "guitar prodigy" because of his breathtaking skills on the strings. He has 4.9 million subscribers, and has been uploading content since September 2006. One of the top guitarists online, Sungha Jung is known for his fingerstyle, which has made every song he covered seem like the studio version rather than the acoustic one. According to him, his covers and arrangements are created typically solely by listening or watching videos. Apart from the success of his YouTube channel, Sungha Jung also collaborated with various famous artists like 2NE1, Narsha, and BIGBANG's G-DRAGON. He released his very first album entitled "Perfect Blue" on June 2010, and has also traveled across the world to play shows. He's actually coming to the Philippines this month to perform in a number of shows, so make sure to catch him if you're a fan!

5. Ssinnim

This makeup guru is popular for her ability to transform herself into anyone, from a zombie version of Frozen's Elsa to 2NE1 CL. Aside from her makeup tutorials, she also does vlogging and product reviews which is how the viewers noticed her tomboyish and bubbly personality. Her 1.4 million subscribers love her for her makeup videos, but most of them adore her for her relatable character which is what an authentic vlogger is all about!

Are you subscribed to any of these Korean creators? Who else do you love watching on YouTube? Let us know in the comments below!

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