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Cheat Sheet: Here Are Easy Ways To Keep Your Colored Hair Va-Va-Voom Level Of Vibrant!

Cheat Sheet: Here Are Easy Ways To Keep Your Colored Hair Va-Va-Voom Level Of Vibrant!

Are there days when you’re not feeling your colored locks? Do they not look as vibrant as the first time you stepped out of the salon? If you're familiar of this, then, well, that's depressing. The hard truth is, however, coloring your hair would always lead up to the day its beauty fades. And all you’d be left with are tresses so dull and lifeless.

But that doesn’t have to be the case, with this super easy-to-follow cheat sheet to help you protect and werq the vibrancy of your colored hair!

1. Switch to sulfate-free products on your hair. Sulfate is a very reliable cleansing ingredient. But it may strip your hair of some pigments and natural oils, causing it to look dull and unhealthy. The perfect products for colored hair are those that extend the longevity of color, enhance its vibrancy, and nourish each strand. And, quite frankly, sulfate-laden products don’t guarantee these. 


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2. Opt for a hardworking color protecting conditioner. Okay, so you’ve converted to sulfate-free shampoo. Great! But if you really want maximum vibrance, use a color protecting conditioner that takes care of each and every strand inside out. Try Cream Silk Color Protect which has Color Protect Complex, a sulfate-free formulation specially designed to protect colored hair from dryness and dullness.


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3. Try out styles that bring out the highlights of your hair. You won’t truly enjoy colored hair if you don’t experiment with different hairstyles. A timeless one that perfectly showcases your highlights without trying too hard? Messy school girl plaits! Bonus: this 'do adds fun and freshness to your overall look! You can also make your vibrant tresses stand out with a black grosgrain ribbon, one of the trendiest hair accessories to date! Whether used as a headband, bow, or ponytail, it’s a beautiful contrast to your lively locks.


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See how doable it is to keep vibrant, colored hair sans a ton of effort? That’s these hardworking products doing the work for you. With these tips, you’ll wake up every day excited to flaunt your vibrant hair because it’s never been this fabulously full of life.

Grab your own Cream Silk Color Protect conditioner online through Lazada or in stores near you!

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