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In Focus: Bike Your Way Up To A Healthier, Happier Life Now!

In Focus: Bike Your Way Up To A Healthier, Happier Life Now!

In the digital age, there’s so much to do with so little time—and coping with this can be quite a struggle. Fitness thus remains paramount as a distraction, helping us re-focus and then outlast the demands of the often-rushed, fast-paced life. But how can it be achieved in the middle of the hustle and bustle? No need to learn a new hobby, just turn to something you've already done as a kid and just get faster and better at it. Yes, we're talking about biking!

From what used to be just for leisure, biking or cycling has become a trend in the fitness industry. Its health and spiritual benefits, aplenty—and we expound it all here! 

1. It’s no secret that cycling keeps your body tough and healthy. As stressed by British professional rider Maxine Filby who took part at the recently held PRUride PH 2018, one of the biggest cycling events made possible by Pru Life UK, biking makes you physically fitter and leaner. “Your heart and blood pressure get much better,” she said, adding: “Sometimes, it’s also amazing how much you push yourself. I’m constantly surprised.”

Professional rider Maxine Filby

2. Need to de-stress? Cycling might help. Filby continued, cycling is also beneficial for your mental development. “When you’re having a really bad day, you jump on a bike and you catch that feeling of freedom, and enjoy that you can just be yourself and head on.” For 7-Eleven CEO Vic Paterno's part, cycling should be a priority despite living a busy schedule. Why? He said, “I love it!" He said, "It’s the only way I can get exercise because it’s fun!”

7-Eleven CEO Vic Paterno won 2nd place in the Brompton Criterium at the PRURide PH 2018

3. Cycling can help you find a sense of belonging. With a large number of biking enthusiasts she has met and encountered, Filby said cycling gives you a feeling like you are a part of something. She finds the cycling community caring and supportive.

Some of the participants at the PRUride PH 2018

4. Not only is the sport good for you, but for Mother Earth as well. Pru Life UK’s vision, as discussed by its Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Allan Tumbaga, is to “support our communities and try to make them healthier by endorsing biking as a form of exercise.” But it doesn't end there. Cycling, Tumbaga added, also safeguards the environment. He stressed, “Cycling will also help preserve fossil fuel and conserve the environment. If people can get into it, it can help decongest the metropolis.”

5. Cycling is the now. With the huge comeback of the sport at present time, Tumbaga defines it as contemporary. Said Prudential plc Sponsorships Head Diane Pender, “Cycling is getting bigger every single day. It’s a very important sport for us because we need to change how we exercise. We need to be more active, we need to be fitter, and more environment-friendly!”

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