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In Focus: Here's What Your February Horoscope Says About Your Love Life This Month

In Focus: Here's What Your February Horoscope Says About Your Love Life This Month



By Sitti of Stars


If you’re looking to the stars to see what’s up with your love life this month of hearts, we gotchu fam. Here’s a peak into what lies ahead for you in February as Valentine's Day comes one step closer each second you spend swiping on Tinder or cruising your Facebook friends for that potential date.

Be warned, there are no spoilers ahead! What’s written in the stars (or here for that matter) may or may not come true. So take it with a pinch of Himalayan salt.


There’s no reason for you to get catty, Aquarius. If a friend is crushing on your crush, it’s all fair game my friend. If there’s no declaration there ain’t no possession. Just chill and think of it as friendly competition—with real feelings of course. But just because it’s a friendly competition doesn’t mean you just stand there and do nothing! Get your A-game on because this isn’t a game you wanna lose! Do what you have to do to get that.


The right side of your brain is telling you to take things slow, but your left side is screaming all sorts of things that frankly sounds more fun. Before you take sides, weigh them out carefully. You wouldn’t want to end up paying with your heart for all your left-brained-fun. Yes, dating and relationships should be light and exciting, but never at the expense of others, or more importantly, yourself. Think twice, thrice, maybe even a fourth time?


Before you start ghosting on your last date, think long and hard if that’s the right move. Ghosting may be an easier out in the meantime, but somewhere down the line, that’s going to bite you in the ass, Aries. Is it really worth those nasty karma points? Maybe you just need to give it another shot or at least cut them out clearly and swiftly.


‘A’ is for effort, but that’s not all that contributes to one’s relationship GWA, amirite? There’s gotta be more to it than just thoughts that count and actions that supposedly speak louder than words. They’ve got to add up to something your heart believes to be true. If something’s amiss, it’s worth a closer inspection. Sometimes we want to believe it so much that we get blinded from the actual score.


Your split personality might just serve your purpose this coming Valentine’s. I’m not saying double-booking is a good idea, but it might help you weed out unworthy candidates from your pool of date potentials. Try the good-cop-bad-cop routine and see if the person sticks with you or bails faster than a thief in the night. If they can ride your wave of crazy, then they’re probably going to be an interesting date at least.


ICYMI, Dua Lipa’s new rules are out the window. Apparently you can answer your ex’s calls and let them back in. However, if you’re going to do that, be sure (at least for the time being) that you absolutely want them back in your life because it’s going to be harder than you think to get rid of them again. Not impossible, but extremely difficult.



Don’t give up on love just yet. We’re pretty sure The One is still out there for the taking. While they may be taking their sweet time finding you, don’t give up on the thought that they may also still be making themselves worthy of your affections. In the meantime, it’s not a bad idea to kiss a few frogs while the prince/princess is still nowhere in sight. It doesn’t lower your value or deem you unworthy to play the field a little. It’s all part of the process.


There’s cautious, and then there’s you. Stop overthinking every little detail!!! You’re never going to get anywhere with your new relationship if you analyze every text, every emoji, and every Tweet that you come across. Live a little—or maybe a lot. The only way to really know how strong (or weak) your relationship is, is to put all your weight in it, your hopes, etc. and put in all your efforts to make it awesome. If it doesn’t make it, then you’ll be better next time. But just TRY.


Confidence will be your best asset so work it! There’s no time to play coy. Flirting is the game, and you’re the star player. Do what you need to do to get that dreamboat. Remember, you’re not one to just wait around for something to land on your lap. If you have to go big or go home, it’s always the first one!


Your feistiness is en pointe! There’s nothing like a sarcastic banter to heat things up between you and this person you’ve been flirting with. It might even do you better if you kick it up a notch. Maybe you can push a little more and see how they respond to you. Chances are high that you’re going to like where this game leads you. Good luck, Scorpio. And have fun!


Someone from your past is raring to get back in your life. Don’t let them! It’s a trap! No matter how harmless you might think it is now, there will always be something harmful in it. You survived so long without them, why stop now? Look, you’re an adult now, and adulting means letting go of things that don’t serve you. So think very carefully before you do anything you’ll regret. 


Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you should get used to routine. There’s always a way to make it feel like the honeymoon stage all over again! Keep things spontaneous at least once a week! Keep them on their toes and excited for your date week after week. 

Did the stars answer your love questions this month? Here's to the kind of Valentine's Day that our hearts truly need. Happy Cupid's Day!

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