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The Six Fix: Thai Boys Love Series We're Binge-Watching Now

The Six Fix: Thai Boys Love Series We're Binge-Watching Now



LGBT-centered shows aren't that popular in Asia as much as those teleseryes or K-dramas that we're used to seeing on television. However, this does not mean that there aren't any good series with queer storylines to binge-watch. If you're not yet familiar with Boys Love (BL) dramas, then here's what you should know! BL drama is a popular genre in Thailand, a country that seems to be more open to LGBT representation in the world of show business. What we love about these shows is how they revolve around the youth, which sends an even more empowering message.

Here, we list down the best Thai BL series you can start binge-watching now!  

1. SOTUS (2016-present)

After meeting the cast of SOTUS during their recent visit here in Manila, of course, this hit series is on top of our list! Not only is the cast endearing to the core, but the plot of the series is also intriguing. In this drama revolving around a high school's SOTUS (Seniority, Order, Tradition, Unity, and Spirit) system, we meet freshman Kongpob who stands up against hazing leader Arthit. The two soon fall for each other, but as the second season currently airs, we're expecting more roller-coaster emotions 

2. My Bromance (2016)

A 2016 drama focusing on the love blossoming between two step-brothers, this series is the continuation of the same-titled film. After being separated by their father in the movie, Golf (who just returned from his trip to Indonesia) and Bank (who finished his studies in the US) are reunited at home after eight years. If that didn't get you hooked, you should know that Bank apparently has an overseas fiance, so that's where more drama ensues. Feel free to binge-watch all 12 episodes in one sitting now!

3. Love Sick (2014-2015)

The series is based on the popular Thai online novel entitled Love Sick: The Chaotic Lives of Blue Shorts Guys. The story is about Phun and Noh, both dating the It-girls of an all-girls school, who get into a deal where Noh asks a favor from Phun, in exchange of him pretending to be the latter's boyfriend. You'll have to watch the two season of Love Sick to know all the comedic and kilig bits that happened after!

4. Water Boyy

Another series that was produced based off a movie, Water Boyy is about Waii, a swimming club captain, who has a girlfriend named Fe. And when a newbie named Apo joins the swimming club and becomes his roommate, things take a turn and get even more thrilling! Boys + swimming... Yup, we're sold!

5.  Make It Right (2016-2017)

Based on the novel with the same name, Make It Right revolves around two high school boys named Fuse and Tee who were friends before they realized they like each other. It all started when Fuse got drunk because of his cheating girlfriend. Relate much? We're pretty sure this is a legitimately addicting one!

6.  2 Moons (2017)

Adapted from the novel of the same title, 2 Moons revolves Wayo who has been in love with Phana for a long time. He always thought his love for him is one-sided, but little did he know that the object of his affection also feels the same way! That moment when crush ka din ng crush mo.... Kilig!

Do you have any more recommendations? Share your favorite BL drama in the comments below!

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