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In Focus: 5 Times EXO's Kai Made Us Drool Over His Superb Dancing Skills

In Focus: 5 Times EXO's Kai Made Us Drool Over His Superb Dancing Skills



Kim Jongin, better known by his stage name Kai, is EXO's center, visual, and drool-worthy main dancer. If you watch EXO's performances, you'll know that Kai is a true standout among the rest because of his cut-above-the-rest moves!

Obviously, he's born to be an idol, so it surpised us when Kai revealed in one of his interviews that he never really wanted to be in the K-pop scene when he was younger. He originally dreamed of becoming a ballet dancer because of his fascination with the play The Nutcracker. He was even a candidate in an art school specializing in ballet. In a twist of fate, his interview in said art school was scheduled on the same day as the audition for SM Entertainment's contest. It was his father who persuaded him to audition in exchange for a video game! In the end, Kai won the contest and soon became a member of a group we now know as EXO, all thanks to Kim appa

Dubbed as K-Pop's Ballet Prince, Kai is truly a phenomenal dancer. Even his members could attest to his dedication, claiming that Kai would practice and cross-check their choreographies harder than the rest. Yup, we can go on and on about how much of a great dancer Kai is. But, of course, we'd rather show you in this list of Kai's best dance moments! Enjoy, Eris!

1. When SM Entertainment released the very first EXO member teaser featuring no other than Kim Jongin... 

There were two scenes in the video, one is him dancing gracefully in the water, while the other one is him dancing with a spotlight going around him. It was in this moment where we all knew that Kai has got to be one of the best dancer's we've ever seen!

2. His sexy solo dance performance with EXO's Sehun... 

Seriously, not one but two of EXO's hottest dancers frolicking in make-shift rain on stage has got to be illegal. How can they do this to our poor, fragile fangirl hearts? They're not the only ones getting wet in here, TBH...

3. His solo performance in MAMA 2017 that got fans craving for more...

If we're talking about contemporary dance, Kai absolutely nails that genre like no other. He showed his modern dancing skills multiple times already, particularly in his solo performance at the MNet Music Awards 2017. Honestly, this gave us chills! Here's to hoping that he gets more solo spotlight like this!

4. When his "Tempo" fancam went viral all over the internet...

During their much-anticipated comeback last November 2018, Kai proved to us that all the waiting was worth it when he brought his A-game during their showcase! This legendary "Tempo" fancam reached millions of views on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Even non-EXO stans were shocked by his sharp moves and overflowing charisma!

5. When he sold the sexy concept of "Love Shot" flawlessly...

From the body rolls to the flirty expressions, Kai was definitely born to do a sexy concept. For their repackaged album, the title track "Love Shot" came with a hot choreo that Kim Jongin nailed like the center god that he is. Don't forget to breathe when you watch this solo fancam from their comeback stage at KBS Music Bank!

There's no wonder why EXO takes pride in having Kai in their group. We won't even be surprised if he just wrecked your bias list! To all the Erigoms out there, aren't you just so grateful for our Nini Bear?

This article has been edited on January 14, 2019.

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