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Cheat Sheet: How To Have Fun When You're #TeamBahay During Your Fave Artist's Concert

Cheat Sheet: How To Have Fun When You're #TeamBahay During Your Fave Artist's Concert



As soon as you hear your favorite star is coming to Manila for a concert or fan meeting, of course the first thing you're going to think of is how to grab a ticket! But for various unfortunate reasons, you don't always end up getting a hold of one especially if they're too expensive for your life savings.

We all know the pain of not being able to make it to your fave's live show, and it may or may not include ugly sobbing and time to heal your devastated fan girl heart. But, instead of feeling bitter or overly sad, joining #TeamBahay can actually be fun! While everyone else is breathing the same air as your idol, here's what you can do at home instead!

1. Dress up like you're going to the concert. Wear your favorite band shirt or dress up according to the fan meeting's theme! Yes, you'll only be in the comforts of your home, but this is way, you can truly say that you're there in spirit.

2. Invite your other #TeamBahay friends over. You are never alone. Of course, it's impossible that you're the only one from your fandom friends who was not able to attend the concert. The more #TeamBahay friends you invite, the more fun your concert night's going to be!

3. Create a playlist, and get the party started. Go through the whole discography of your favorite artist, and sing your hearts out! The advantage of the #TeamBahay here is they can listen to the songs that won't be performed live at their concert. If you want that concert feel, watch live videos to get pumped!

4. Join the trending party. If you're a dedicated fan, you can help trend the hashtag for that day's concert. Post how much you wished you were there, and live tweet how your #TeamBahay party is going. It may seem sad to see the updates of your fandom friends who are actually in the event, but stay positive, because one day, you'll also get your turn! For now, you can satisfy yourself with their blurry photos and Instagram stories.

5. Watch the live stream of the concert. What's nice about belonging in a fandom is how you all care about each other, so naturally, those who are lucky enough to be in the venue would want to share their experience through a live stream. This way, you can feel like you're actually there, and you and your #TeamBahay friends can scream your lungs out along with everyone else once your faves step on stage, and cry on cue when they sing your favorite songs!

If you weren't able to save up or tickets were sold up in one hot second, don't worry because you can still party at home! Have you experienced being part of #TeamBahay? Share your feels in the comments below!

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