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In Focus: Mr. Everywhere Victor Basa Now Keeps Busy With His Indoor Plant Business!

In Focus: Mr. Everywhere Victor Basa Now Keeps Busy With His Indoor Plant Business!

Victor Basa is a man of many hats. He models. He hosts. He acts. He blogs. He gyms. He is part of upscale menswear store Signet. Yet, in between, the 32-year-old still finds time to tend to his businesses—one of which he wholeheartedly dedicates to indoor plants.


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Aptly called Happy Plant Co., this passion project literally and figuratively stemmed from a succulent. Victor got one after attending an event at The Grove by Rockwell. “I was so excited to take care of it,” he admits, “but it eventually died because I didn’t know how water it properly.”

The death didn’t deter him, though. Instead, it motivated Victor to try again. “I got a house plant and thought, ‘This will be better.’ Because I did my research, [I knew] it would really thrive,” he explains.

That one plant quickly turned into several. Victor collected so much that he wound up removing his TV to make room for his growing indoor garden.


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Victor's followers took notice when he started posting pictures online. Back then he would fashion his greens enough to “look nice for interiors”. Now he insists that’s not the case. Says Victor, “The moment you apply yourself and see a new leaf coming about is nice. There are a lot of [benefits to] growing and caring for plants.”

These include air purification that, according to him, “is good for our skin especially when you’re in an air-conditioned room where it’s super cold and dry.” Another, he says, is a plant’s ability to leave you in awe, whether its through teaching you compassion and patience, its ability to reduce stress, or its being a beautiful life form that God Himself created.


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Happy Plant Co., which he and his girlfriend launched in 2015, is his way of sharing his love for indoor greenery. Says Victor, "We noticed that a lot of people were interested in our photos. They were like, "Where did you buy that?' So we said, 'If you want, we could help look for the right plant for you!' "  

That said, we can expect more uplifting offerings from Happy Plant Co. At the recent #HappyNewYou event at Watsons, he revealed, “We’re working on custom pots that have motivational verses—things to start your day on a positive note. We’ve [also] been doing landscaping. We supply to Commonwealth in SM Aura and the Signet store.”


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