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Daily Diaries: The Ups and Downs Of Having A Roommate

Daily Diaries: The Ups and Downs Of Having A Roommate


The thought of living on your own might have already crossed your mind multiple times, especially if you're in that transition stage between being dependent to your parents and being independent as a young adult. Whether you're a college student needing to live closer to your school or a yuppie looking for a sense of liberation, we know how appealing moving out can be.

Yes, living on your own can be lonely, scary, and financially burdensome, so getting a roommate is your next best option. While it can be an absolute fun experience, we can't deny that there are also cons we have to look into. Here, we jot down different situations and the corresponding ups and downs of having a roomie. Make sure you weigh these in first before moving in with a stranger or even a close friend! 

1. When it comes to paying the rent...

Pro: The apartment fee is lower because you have someone to split it with.

This might be one of the main reasons why a lot of people would rather stay in an apartment with someone than live completely on their own. Apartment fees nowadays are so expensive, especially if you’re staying in the city. If you're going to be practical, the more roommates you have, the more financially safe you’re going to be!

Con: There are times when your roommate won't be able to pay their share on time.

When one of you suddenly can't give their share on time, then chances are the other person has to shoulder the whole rent for the time being. You're lucky if your landlord can let it pass for a certain amount of time until you can both pay in full. So make sure you're both responsible when it comes to paying on time!

2. When it comes to chores...

Pro: If you get too busy, your roommate can clean up after you.

It's a given that you and your roommate will split the chores. But if you get busier than usual, you know that you can rely on someone else to take the trash out or tidy the bathroom up.

Con: You might have the tendency to rely on your roommate, and forget your responsiblities.

This might become a problem especially if you got used to having household help back home. Make sure the workload is still equal between you and your roommate, and you make up for the times you fail to accomplish yours.

3. When it comes to the home necessities and expenses...

Pro: Purchasing all the necessary furniture and kitchen supplies will be much easier.

You won’t have to worry about looking at a long list full of home necessities you have to buy for your apartment because that’s what having a roommate is for. They can bring the rice cooker, while you can bring the electric fan. It's also fun to go grocery shopping together!

Con: Almost everything is of communal use.

There’s no such thing as buying home necessities for yourself, so don’t expect them to not sit on your fluffy bean bag or not use your newly-bought oven. If you’re going to buy something, it’s either you’re going to split the receipts or you’re going to write your name on everything you own. But if you don't want to come off as selfish, then we suggest you accept that, sometimes, what's yours is theirs and vice versa.

4. When it comes to having company...

Pro: You feel less lonely and much safer.

If you have strict parents, then having a roommate can make their decision to let you move out easier. You'd feel safer knowing you have someone living with you in any case of emergency. You know that someone's got your back if you left the key or you're sick. Just the thought of not being completely alone away from home can be a relief!

Con: You have less privacy.

Don’t expect your roommates to see or hear you bawling at night because of the K-drama you’re watching or eavesdrop when they hear you gossiping on the phone. There's still privacy for sure, but it's not the same as when you live alone. 

5. When it comes to maintaining relationships...

Pro: You might just have found another BFF in your roomie. Call yourself lucky if you ended up living with someone you click with. It's like having an instant friend who you can happily share everything with!

Con: Or you might have to deal with human-sized headache. Living with someone you don’t get along with is the hardest! You have to tolerate them and their annoying habits because you see them literally every day. At least when you don’t like someone at school or work, you can just ignore them. But living with the person you have utmost dislike for just has the power to ruin your life.

Living with another person can either be a blessing or a curse. The trick lies in your willingess to share, adapt, and settle differences. If you're determined to move out, make sure to think hard before you move in with a roommate, or at least try to select one who will make your new-found independence less of a struggle!

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