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In Focus: 5 Perks of Having A Younger Sister

In Focus: 5 Perks of Having A Younger Sister

Having a sibling has its pros, no matter how much you argue with them or how big your differences are. On most days, he or she will always be a blessing from above. But for us girls, having a younger sister is absolutely a treasure we should cherish forever because of the hundreds of memories and experiences that can be shared together. If you consider your little sis as your bestie, these are the perks you might be incredibly thankful for!

1. She’s someone you share almost everything with. Starting from your childhood where you two shared clothes, shoes, bags, toys and the like, until becoming adults wherein you share your secrets, problems, aspirations and other more serious stuff–your sister will always be that one person you can give a part of yourself to.


2. She’s your own personal adviser slash critic too.
Other than sharing things with her, your sister can always help you out whenever you’re unsure of some things. From the little ones such as your #OOTD, right color of lipstick, suitable hairstyle, and song recommendations, to the biggest decisions of your life which may include family, friends, relationships, or school–you can always ask for her honest opinion, and she'd never let you down!

3. She’s your protégé. As the older sibling, you are your sister’s role model. Having to experience life first, you now become her guide while you navigate through life together. And oh, there may be times when you feel like you’re a celebrity since your younger sister is also your biggest fan!


4. She’s your instant BFF. The day your sister was born, you automatically gain a BFF. She may be the most annoying person at times, but admit it, she will always be your best friend–the first one you go to whichever mood you’re in or whatever the circumstances may be in. You  know you can always count on her, and she'll never leave your side.

5. She’s your version of forever. Yes, you’re stuck with your younger sister for a lifetime. Other people may come and go, but she is here to stay with you–for better or for worse, through thick and thin (even literally.) With her, may forever!

You're indeed one lucky gal if you have a younger sister. No matter how many times she gets on your nerves, the good times you share is always going to be like no other. Share your favorite moments with your dearest sister in the comments below!

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