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In Focus: 8 Signs You've Become The Most Workaholic Among Your Friends

In Focus: 8 Signs You've Become The Most Workaholic Among Your Friends


By Joan Ko


Every year, we come up with resolutions to help us make the year our “best” one yet. Brimming with the hope of a fresh start, we lay out our resolutions filled with inspiration and determination. For hardworking millennials, there’s one that we always include in our list that we couldn’t seem to commit to after the first month of the year: to chill out and rest up. Sounds easy? Not really.

For those who consider themselves a high-performer, it could be your ticket to hitting all your goals. But to your friends, you're the party-flaking, weekend-worrying workaholic they only get to see once in a blue moon. Think you have it under control? Check if you recognize some of these notable traits, and find out how you can make 2018 a tad less overwhelming. 

1. Never reluctant to work hard for hours. You are always driven and energetic to deliver results as soon as you can—even if it means being the last one to go home most nights of the week. You always say “Yes” to last minute additional work and you are laser-sharp focused to finish each project with flying colors.

Tip: Designate a day of the week specifically for “beast mode” projects; it’s best to limit your overtime only when you really need to. If you’re working on different things simultaneously, allot 2-3 hours for every project so you don’t get swamped with several projects you need to oversee for the day.

2. You tend to skip parties and friends’ hangout nights. Because you are always eager to finish work on time, you tend to miss out on night outs with your BFFs. Your time is always dedicated for work, work, work, work, work, even Rhianna couldn’t keep up. When you do show up on parties, you’re always the last one to arrive and the first one to leave because…well, you always have “something to do.”

Tip: Start small. If their schedules don’t meet with your only free day, try hanging out with each of them one at a time. Go to the movies with Roxy this Friday night, plan a day at the beach with Stan next weekend, go shopping with Kara the week after that. This way, you always get a chance to have a breather at the end of the busy week while still maintaining a healthy social life.

3. You have the tendency to doubt your own work. You think everything you do is not good enough and it messes with your performance (or overperformance) at work. Even when you’re already decided on something, you still ask for your friends and your workmates’ approval (not that you need it) just to get affirmation and teeny bit of the recognition you deserve.

Tip: Go easy on yourself and remember that part of perfecting the craft is learning from mistakes. Be confident but not overconfident that you push people away because of your bossy attitude.

4. You work through your lunch break. You’d rather buy food to-go during lunch so you can eat AND work at the same time at your desk. It may seem as if you’re getting more work done than most but the truth is, you’re actually getting less productive and more prone to health and sanitation issues. Your tummy just can’t focus on digesting your food when your mind is busy preparing all those decks you need for a presentation. Remember: Eating is not a task, it’s leisure.

Tip: Allow yourself to enjoy at least 30 minutes of peace and quiet during lunch. Be strict about a no-food-in-the-work-area policy to avoid multitasking during breaks. You can even take this time to stretch around to make up for the hours you’ve spent stagnantly in your seat. Taking the stairs or pacing around the office a few minutes after lunch can even get your metabolism going.

5. OMG! You have OCD! It takes so much for you to be satisfied with something that someone else did and people are starting to notice. Even on personal things, you tend to be too controlling and difficult to please. Criticizing your pals with their choices in life may cause a rift in your friendship. So, avoid this before it’s too late.

Tip: Not everyone can be as on-fleek as you. Be more chill and patient, and you’ll be surprised to know how much you can learn from sharing different perspectives.

6. Work comes first. You love your work so much that you miss it even on holidays. You check your phone to see if there are updates about work or if your boss needs something done. And when they do, even if you say you won’t do it, chances are, you will give in and do it anyways. Bae has brought it up a couple of times before when you’ve been spending more time on the phone than on the Netflix show you’re binge-watching on during the holiday break. Seriously, are you in the Upside Down or what?

Tip: Don’t go online when there’s really no reason to. Some bosses appreciate your constant monitoring and updating but unless it’s absolutely necessary, don’t spend late nights and holiday breaks to e-mail and text work-related things. And when you’re with friends and with bae, pay attention! Don’t get chained to the imaginary desk especially when you’re on vacation. Your 50 year old self will thank you for it!

7. You always have an advice for all your other friends and workmates who are having problems at their respective careers. The Magic 8-ball has nothing on you! Every time they say something about a bad incident at work and in life, you always have an answer ready. Who to call for last-minute rushes, where to find a spacious events place, what to do with reimbursement slips that were filed late, when it’s best to make an investment... They can literally ask you almost anything under the sun!

Tip: There’s nothing wrong with being the go-to person; just make sure you’re still taking some time to yourself and not overexerting yourself trying to be the fixer upper for everyone around you.

8. You panic when there’s no more work to do. Because you're so used to working every minute of the day, it feels weird when you run out of things to do. You get that uneasy feeling that you might be forgetting something.  So you end up picking up extra work or doing things that are due way beyond the forseeable future. Even God took a break on the 7th day, but not you! 

Tip: Use your extra time off to catch up on things that are important not just to you, but to your friends, too. They get you and love you for being such a career inspo, but when they’re having an R&R, the last thing they need is someone yapping on about work. Try to catch up on that TV series they've all been raving about or help them shop online for the party you all swear to attend to next weekend. In short, take a breather, girl!

There’s nothing wrong with giving 100% to your passion as long as it doesn’t put your health and wellness at risk. We know you’ll go places when you put your energy and effort where it counts, but don’t overdo it so you’re not burning out. You go, trooper!

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