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The Six Fix: The Best Rappers In The K-Pop Scene

The Six Fix: The Best Rappers In The K-Pop Scene


These days, K-pop is serving more swag than the usual cutesy pop. Idols are more outspoken and has a lot of things to say that most use the street vernacular to express their thoughts into their self-composed songs. Rap has now become a type of language that doesn't only make any track sizzle, but also serves as a bridge between mainstream pop and hip-hop.

With this in mind, K-pop rappers are now the "pride" of most groups because they're the one who pour diversity into their records and performances. Here, we listed the best rappers in the K-pop scene that deserve the spotlight as much as the ones who hit the high notes!


The boys of BIGBANG are not called the "Kings of K-Pop" if they're not skilled in every aspect of being an idol. Highlighting the group's hip hop genre, members G-DRAGON and T.O.P (also known as GTOP) are two of the fast and the furious rappers in the scene. They even debuted as a sub-unit duo last 2010 whose album ranked as fifth best-selling in the Gaon Album Chart that year. With their versatile style, smooth beats, and catchy rhymes, this hip-hop tandem pretty much owns the game!


Debuting under the girl group BLACKPINK in 2016, Lisa is one of the freshest faces in the industry. But with her steady flow and flawless words both in Korean and English, there's no doubt Lisa is truly one of the best. She already has the perfect stage presence, considering she's also the group's best dancer. Couple that with her ability to spit lyrics effortlessly, Lisa is without a doubt a legit K-pop queen!

3. EXID's LE

Even before her group EXID debuted, LE was already famous for her rapping skills. She made her rapping debut with the underground rap group Jiggy Fellaz, and performed by the name "Elly." She joined EXID in 2012, where she's labeled as the group's main rapper. Sticking to her group's sexy genre, fans claim that LE has a seductive and fierce way of rapping that no one else can match!

4. BTS' Rap Monster

Just by his name, you already know he means business when it comes to rap! Kim Nam Joon, widely known as Rap Monster or RM, is BTS' main rapper and leader. He's one of K-pop's dexterous rappers which is rooted in his underground rap background. With his ability to spit rhymes like fire, this one is truly one of K-pop's world-class pride!

5. EXO's Chanyeol

He might look like your average squishy puppy-eyed furball, but Chanyeol is totally lit when he takes the stage! His knack in delivering raps quickly with a "bad boy" vibe has given EXO-Ls something breathtaking to watch out for in every song! We all know that Chanyeol is a great vocal talent, but his rapping skills just makes him even more swoon-worthy!

6. 2NE1's CL

Dubbed as South Korea's very own Nicki Minaj, 2NE1's CL is a real slayer when it comes to rap! She can do fast or melodic rap that all sound so superb, they deserve to be compiled in one hip-hop album. Her effortless swag, self-composed lyrics, and undying stage presence, CL is undeniably a legend. After 2NE1's disbanded last year, CL's fans are still on the edge of their seats as they await her solo American debut!

Did we miss any of your face K-pop rappers? Make sure to let us know in the comments below! 

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