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In Focus: 10 Struggles Forgetful People Know All Too Well

In Focus: 10 Struggles Forgetful People Know All Too Well



Unless you have an eidetic memory, forgetting things every now and then is part of human life. We all have a lot of things on our minds, and it's impossible for your brain to actually remember everything especially today when everything feels fast-paced and urgent.

However, there are just some people who are forgetful by default that you would probably mistake them for Dory from Finding Nemo if it weren't for the absence of gills. If you're one of the people who suffer from really bad memory, you may remember experiencing all these struggles.

1. You stop as soon as you walk in a room because you forgot why you were there. It's not even just an occurence you experience every once in a while—it's a way of life. You'll only remember what it was you needed after you step out of said room and do something else entirely for two hours.

2. It takes you half an hour to look for your keys. You know you left it in your purse last night...or is that memory from last week? Maybe you left them stuck at the front door? You can turn your whole room upside down only to find it 30 minutes later where you usually keep it. 

3. Your phone is missing half of the time. It's very rare for anyone not to have their phone in their hands these days but, for you, it's a good thing. When you finally realize you haven't seen your phone in a while and it's nowhere to be found, you start to panic and retrace your steps to the last moment you remember holding it.

4. You have to have the same or similar passwords for everything. It's dreadful having to come up with a whole new password for one account that requires a special character, a capital letter, and a number when you already have a stable existing password. Forget about keeping strangers from guessing your password and hacking into your account. What matters is that you don't lock yourself out!

5. Replying to a message must be done ASAP. When a message notification appears on your phone, it is crucial that you drop everything that you're doing. You know you can't trust yourself to finish that video you're watching and still remember that someone is waiting for your reply.

6. You go to the grocery for that one thing you will forget to buy. If you went to the grocery store because you ran out of toilet paper, you can trust yourself to buy all the other stuff you thought to pick up while you're at it. You'll only realize you forgot to buy toilet paper when you're stuck in the loo again.

7. New people will always be strangers. Remembering names and the faces that go with it is your kryptonite, especially when it's a whole group you're being introduced to. You wave and smile while they introduce themselves one by one but think, "Yeah, I'm not going to remember any of that." What's worse is when they run into you and remember your name and you're stuck trying to remember theirs!

8. You've lost a lot of stuff because you left them somewhere. You've most likely left several umbrellas in the office or had to go back to a restaurant because you forgot your phone. No matter how many times you've lost something because of your bad memory, your brain just won't seem to learn.

9. You can check your bag 10 times and still forget something. You can make a checklist of everything you need to bring and make sure everything is inside your bag only to forget something on the table. Sometimes, you're not even sure why you try anymore.

10. You always feel as if you've forgotten something. Being aware of how forgetful you are is awful. It doesn't matter if you know you brought everything you need for the day. You can never shake this feeling that maybe, just maybe, you may have overlooked something and it's so nerve-rackingly painful to not know what it is!

You've probably forgotten half of what you just read, but that's totally fine! We get you. What do you hate most about being forgetful? Share your experiences with us by leaving a comment below!

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