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In Focus: 6 Times That Justified Why Hayley Williams Is Our Favorite Frontman

In Focus: 6 Times That Justified Why Hayley Williams Is Our Favorite Frontman



You all know Hayley Williams—Paramore's frontman who easily made the band visually iconic with her originally orange and now ever-changing hair. Of course, we don't just know her by her looks. She's also established herself as a vocal powerhouse and a ball of relentless energy on stage, and we love her for all these reasons and so much more!

In fact, we're only scratching the surface when it comes to the things we love about Paramore's lead vocalist. It's really hard to tell what it is about Hayley (other than her unique beauty and her musical prowess) that draws us to her but maybe these videos will help you understand just why we're all so in love with her! 

1. When she paused in the middle of a song just to break a fight up...

Paramore was halfway through with their performance of "Ignorance" when the redheaded hero paused the set to break a fight in the audience she couldn't possibly ignore "Why can't we all just get along?" Hayley asked before signalling the band to pick up where they'd left off. She kept her eye on the source of the ruckus for the rest of the song.

2. When she performed with the ever-iconic Fall Out Boy...

Hayley Williams performing with everyone's favorite Fall Out Boy song is more than we bargained for and we're not sure we even deserve this performance! She practically lit the stage up and pumped the song's energy by at least 200%! 

3. When she stopped to sing with a guitar-playing fan on the street...

A lot of people are very hard to impress when it comes to vocal prowess, but this video not only shows that Hayley's a natural when it comes to singing but she's also great with fans! This is the kind of fan interaction we all want to see when it comes to our idols, and Hayley certainly delivered.

4. When she brought out Taylor Swift's rocker side during her country era...

Remember Taylor Swift a few years ago with big, curly hair and the charm that says she's not the kind of girl who rudely barges in on white-veil occasions? Well, Hayley certainly let us a peek into the side of Taylor who looks like she's able to trash the grandest of weddings through their "That's What You Get" duet!

5. When she rushed with her bandmates to lie beside a fan who fell on stage...

Every fan knows that they have a one in a million chance of singing with Hayley Williams on stage when the band starts playing "Misery Business." This time, however, one lucky fan had the chance of saying that not only did she get to sing with Hayley but she was able to perform on stage lying down with the whole band!

6. When she made this little boy the subject of all envy...

Who could possibly not like Hayley for making this little boy's dreams come true? Hayley may be extra angsty on stage, but she's extremely sweet with kids! Just look at how animated she is while talking to little Ryan and the genuine enthusiasm on her face when he asked her to be his girlfriend. What a cutie!

If you don't love her yet, you certainly will now! We can only hope we are worthy enough to be graced with more of her awesomeness when Paramore comes to Manila for their Tour Four concert. Tell us know what you love most about Paramore's spunky frontman by leaving a comment below!

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