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In Focus: Millennials Answer: What's The Pettiest Thing You Fought About With Your S.O.?

In Focus: Millennials Answer: What's The Pettiest Thing You Fought About With Your S.O.?



Relationships are not always what they seem. Everything may seem perfect at first with all the googly eyes and sparks all over the plac,e but it's wishful thinking to assume that the honeymoon stage will last forever. One way or another, a couple will eventually have the first of many fights—some of them serious enough to break them up while other arguments petty enough to belong in a children's playground.

We asked millennials about the stupidest fights they've had with their S.O. and the answers were petty enough to make any single person thank their lucky stars that they don't have to endure this kind of headache. 

"My girlfriend and I usually fight about where to eat. It's like every time I want to eat at one place, she says she doesn't want that kind of food, but when I ask her where she wants to grab a bite, she doesn't even know what she wants to eat in the first place! I keep recommending places and she keeps giving me reasons not to eat at every single one of them and she gets mad about the fact that we still haven't found a place to eat!" —Justin, 21

"During my lunch break at work one day, I texted my girlfriend, asking if she'd already eaten. I only realized she hadn't replied until one hour later so I texted her again. I got worried that she wasn't replying so I checked for her last social media update. When I saw she was online, I messaged her, asking why she wasn't answering my texts. At first, she made a lot of excuses but I pressed on and she just snapped at me. Apparently, she was mad because I didn't like her new profile photo and yet she saw me give a "Love" reaction on another girl's photo." —Dwight, 21

"I woke up one morning and my girlfriend was super pissed. Why? Because I literally turned my back on her while we were asleep! She said she wanted to cuddle while sleeping but I unconsciously turned away because I was really conscious about being sweaty and sticky. It didn't actually matter that I wasn't aware of what I did. She just got mad." —Niccolo, 21

"My girlfriend and I have very different tastes when it comes to the series that we watch and insulting each other's favorite shows eventually became an inside joke. However, I got pissed at her one time for not giving Game of Thrones a chance. I was telling her to try GoT out but she kept making excuses, telling me it was too boring and she didn't understand one bit of the show when she tried to watch the first episode. I was so pissed that I ended up saying, 'Palibhasa mga pinagpapapanuod mo hindi ginagamitan ng utak.'" —Chris, 22

"My boyfriend is basically the one person I talk to every day about everything. There was this time I was super enthusiastic and into telling him about my day but my mood dropped from 100 to 0 real quick because turtles could reply faster than him. It pissed me off that for every message I sent, it took him 3-7 minutes to text back! We ended up not talking for the rest of the night and arguing the day after." —Angel, 22

"My boyfriend was over at a friend's place. I was aware that they were all watching Black Mirror and playing NBA 2k18, but I was really clingy that day. Because he wasn't replying to my messages, I decided to block him on Facebook. We had a really bad argument when he got home, and I thought we were going to break up." —Lean, 20

"On our way home after dinner one night, my boyfriend and I were talking about how our friends usually made fun of him for his fear of cockroaches. In the spur of the moment, I tried scaring him by pointing to his foot and saying, "Love, may ipis!" He screamed and jumped away. When he realized I was kidding, he got really mad and didn't talk to me for about 30 minutes. I kept apologizing but I still couldn't stop laughing at him." —Camille, 19

"We were strolling around a mall with two other friends, finding our way to the cinema. We were all unfamiliar with the mall so we weren't sure which way it was. Then, she started saying that the nearest way to get to the cinema was to go right but I thought otherwise and so we fought and I started saying that she should listen to me and that she doesn't hear me out. While on her part, she also argues the same. We continued arguing while walking with our two friends pretending they didn't hear anything." —Lorenzo, 22

"I got pissed at my boyfriend once because he used the wrong emoji. We don't usually use emojis when texting and we only have a handful of emojis we actually use. One day, he messaged me, telling me that he was on his way out of the office to meet me at the mall with a kiss emoji—but not our kiss emoji. It had been the kiss emoji he used to send to another girl who had been a third party a few months ago. I gave him the silent treatment when we met, and he freaked when he found out just why." —Stephanie, 23

"We kind of caused a scene at a certain fast food chain. We'd only began dating then, and I wasn't aware that we had very different routines and rituals when it came to food. Apparently, whenever he sets something aside on his plate, it means he isn't ever going to eat it. So, imagine the horror I felt when I set my chicken skin on the side of my plate (happily saving the best for last) and he picked it up, assuming I wasn't going to eat it and ate it himself! I threw a fit, slammed my hand on the table and the accidentally spilled both our drinks." —Jessie, 24

No matter how head over heels you are with a person or how long you two have been together, there will come a time when the fights just keep coming one after the other. The only way to get it over with is if one of you swallows their pride and concedes to the other person regardless of how petty the argument actually was. Make sure you two openly talk about the cause of your arguments and how you can avoid them next time!

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