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In Focus: 5 Things You Need to Know Before & After Coloring Your Hair

In Focus: 5 Things You Need to Know Before & After Coloring Your Hair



By Ethan Siat
Chalk Campus Correspondent

Brightly-colored hair is all the rage these days. From fresh pastel confections to more vivid and deeper hues, a bold shade is always a great way to step out of your comfort zone. So if you're thinking of ditching your natural color for a more stylish hue, there are things you should know before you head to the salon to prep you for your hair transformation. From the process of coloring your hair to tips on how to take care of it afterwards, we asked Chiara Echiverri, co-owner of the blogger-approved salon Design Studio, to walk us through the things you should keep in mind!

1. Take note of which color fits your lifestyle. A bold shade is a big commitment for a lot people. Firstly, colored hair takes a lot of upkeep to look good. If you are a low-maintenance kind of girl, you may have to think twice before making that trip to salon. Also, make sure you're 100% decided on  the color you want. You may like the idea of rainbow tresses today, but it mght not be your mood tomorrow, and it'll take a while before the dye is completely washed away long after you lose interest. According to Chiara, if you want a low-maintenance color, then keeping your roots dark would do the trick. Another thing to consider is that your usual makeup routine may change once you go bold. Remember that if you're going lighter, your brows should, too!


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2. Be aware of the process. Coloring your hair is not a "one and done" procedure. The process is meticulous in order to achieve the best possible result. Chiara explains, "We’re going to do pre-lightening, and then we’ll do the toner, and then also a treatment so we rehydrate the hair." Before everything else, pre-lightening is done to wash out the hair's original color.  It involves using a developer and bleaching. "Think of it like painting," says Chiara. "When you put it on the black canvas, you still see a little bit of the black go through. But on the white canvas, you see yellow itself. It’s the same principle for hair," she says. After that, toner is applied to neautralize the brassy, yellow tones of your newly-bleached hair, and thus letting your chosen color pop. Once toner is applied, your hair will be finally dyed. You may also opt for a treatment right after as your hair has now taken a lot of damage since the start of the process.


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3. Bleaching is the most rigorous step. Bleaching can be a tumultuous process that takes a toll on your scalp. "It’s a little bit uncomfortable for the clients. It stings a little bit when the color’s processing," says Chiara. Not only does it hurt, but it also takes quite a long time to finish as the bulk of the whole hair-coloring process is reliant on the pre-lightening stage. "Bleaching is important if you want to achieve fashion colors," she explains. "If you want to have a very light canvas in your hair, you have to put the right toner." It takes multiple washes and application of bleach until the shade is just right. Design Studio uses custom developers to help customers be eased during the bleaching procedure. Developers are chemicals that lift the cuticle layer to allow the color pigment to stick on your hair. "What happens in the market is that most of the developers are very, very strong," she says. "We found a way to make it more comfortable for the client without compromising the staying power of the color in your hair." Don't be surprised if you'll spend more than 5 hours salon once you make the appointment!


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4. Take proper precautions after coloring your hair. Colored hair is very delicate. For one, it could fade out easily, so Chiara advises to avoid washing your hair as much as possible. "Do not wash your hair on the first 24 hours to 48 if you can," she says. "If you can avoid washing your hair every day, of course that’s better." But since we live in a tropical climate wherein the weather insists us to wash often, Chiara suggests a compromise. "Maybe if you could do every other day, and the other days could be just conditioner," she explains. Speaking of a warmer climate, do not risk exposing your new 'do to the sun. The harsh UV rays actually propels the color to fade faster. The same goes with using hot water.


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5. Provide extensive maintenance. You have to go the extra mile in providing care  after you get your hair done. "The color that we do for the client or any service that we do for them will only be as good as how you take care of it at home," says Chiara. Go for shampoo that's sulfate-free or color protectant. Use purple shampoo to maintain freshness and vibrancy as it eliminates undesired yellowing. Make sure to use UV protection on your hair before gong out. Set a reminder to make frequent trips to the salon for touch-ups. "It’s very important to have good conditioners and to go back to your salon for a treatment," she says. "You want your hair to be hydrated, close, and intact." Taking the utmost care for your hair may take a bit of effort than your usual routine, but it's a must if you're truly set on getting your long-fanatsized cotton candy locks!


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It may save you a few bucks if you decide to D-I-Y, but if you really want the best results, it's best to leave it to the professionals who know what they're doing. Call up a salon to book a consultation with the stylist before fully proceeding with coloring. They will help you figure what works best for you and let you know how to take care of it afterwards. Don't be afraid to show off your next fantastical, rainbow hairdo to the world. We admit, it does feels good to stand out from the crowd once in a while!

Visit Design Studio in Arnaiz Metrobank Bldg. Arnaiz Ave., Makati City.

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