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Cheat Sheet: Here's Your 3-Day Itinerary To Explore The Best Of Davao

Cheat Sheet: Here's Your 3-Day Itinerary To Explore The Best Of Davao



by Mariel Abanes

With January coming to a close, it means it's only a couple of months before summer is here! And, of course, our game plan is to travel as much as we can! It's not bad to think about which trip you're gonna make before the break–just think of it as the sweet prize you'll have by end of the semester. One of our destination suggestions? The City of Davao!

We promise that there’s more to love here than you’d expect! It’s a good mix of the city and the provincial life–from upscale malls and establishments that make you feel like you never left Manila to the lush greenery and beautiful sea that will convince you it's your home away from home.

It isn’t easy to just pack your bags and leave for a long time, so if you’ve only got a few days to spare, here are your must-visit sites! We prepared this three-day itinerary for your reference. You can thank us later!

Day 1: Samal Island Hopping

We suggest you begin your trip exploring the great sea. It’s unwinding and thrilling at the same time, which is a much relaxed activity to pump up your time in Davao. It’s perfectly fine to explore Samal Island on your own way (there are available habal-habal rides around,) but getting a booking a guided tour is helpful, especially since you’ve got limited time. WayPH offers affordable tours suitable for every budget–you can try their joiners tour (if you’re going on a weekend) or get a private tour for yourself (we promise you it’s worth it!) Here’s a sample schedule and route:

8AM: Monfort Bat Cave – Get up close and see a Guinness World Record awardee for the largest single colony of a single bat kind!


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9AM: Kaputian Beach Park – It's a public beach with white sand and clear waters, making it a nice place to relax, swim and while away time!

11AM: Isla Reta Beach – This is a hidden paradise that serves as a fish sanctuary. So yes, prep your snorkelling gear and get chummy with the fishies!


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2PM: Talicud Island – See the rich underwater life so close that you can actually touch the reefs with your toes (but please don’t!)

3PM: Giant Clam Sanctuary – Take photos with giant clams and starfishes–they’re everywhere in this reserve!

4PM: Hagimit Falls – Wash off the salt and sea from your body in this refreshing water falls.


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Day 2: Water Rafting Tour

If you’ve been dreaming of riding over rapids, then this is your chance! Davao Wildwater Adventure will take you to a thrilling time in the river in the most fun way. It’ll take the whole day including the preps, the actual rafting tour, and some down time in Crocodile Park right after, which comes for free when you avail the package! And since it’s going to be bumpy in the waters, make sure to book a massage in the city in the evening!

Day 3: “On Top” Visit

When you get to the cool mountain where Eden Nature Park sits, you’ll realize it’s no wonder it’s one of the most recommended places when in Davao. With the chilly air, picturesque view, and fun activities for every type of adventurer, you’ll surely find your safe haven here.

Start your day with their tour, which will take you around the forest and gardens. Trust us, you’ll never run out of Instagram-worthy spots! If adrenaline keeps you alive, their Sky rides are fit for you. There’s SkySwing (95-feet giant swing,) SkyCycle (pedal in ropes above ground,) and SkyRide (a classic zipline ride.) For more laidback activities, there are also horseback rides, fishing, and aviary and butterfly garden visits.

After the whole day up in the mountain, head back to the city and have dinner at Jack’s Ridge, an overlooking park with a variety of restaurants and other recreational activities available for guests. Enjoy a meal while drinking in the breathtaking view of the whole Davao City.

With all these travel-worthy spots to see in Davao, you’ll surely go back in Manila with beautiful memories and a promise of return. So, where to next?

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