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Lifestyle Buzz: Here's The Latest In Health And Wellness For A #Phresh Start This Year!

Lifestyle Buzz: Here's The Latest In Health And Wellness For A #Phresh Start This Year!

By Christine Carreon and Angela Sy

The calendar flipped to January a few weeks back and we assume that you’re set on ticking off your list of resolutions for the year. If you the type whose dead set on becoming the “healthier you”, we narrowed down who, what and where you can turn to for this project.

Who’s Buzzin’

Getting (back) in shape is, arguably, one of the most popular resolutions ever made. If you weren’t able to keep it then, let Spotify help you now! Currently, Camila Cabello’s “Havana” is the most streamed workout song in the Philippines. Add it to your playlist and let the beat pump you up as you work towards your #dreambod!


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Moving on after a break up hurts. Long nights of crying can take a toll on your heart and esepcially head. For those of you starting 2018 with splitting headaches, use Saridon. It’s triple-action formula is proven effective for fast relief of pain and headaches. As for your heart, let Saridon ambassador Eugene “Besh Uge” Domingo’s online films inspire you to heal and not get caught up in the drama. 

The Neutrogena Fine Fairness Light Mask has found a loyal fan in Gretchen Ho. Over at the Watsons #HappyNewYou event in SM Aura, the TV host and self-declared #womaninaction explained that its LED and Infared light helps improve skin tone while lightening dark spots. It also prevents her from looking haggard—a must when your job requires you to be in front of a camera. Plus, the mask is therapeutic. She loves how she can treat her face at her personal convenience.  

What’s Buzzin’

An online poll launched in 2017 found that work, school, road issues, and money problems are attributed to people’s main cause of stress. That said, things like staying focused or getting a good night’s sleep can be such a blessing. While eradicating mental fatigue or squeezing in some “me time” might be impossible in your busy schedule, Efficascent Relaxing Oil makes for a handy alternative. Available in in 3mL and 6mL bottles with a roll-on applicator, it can be your new, on-the-go, instant pampa-relax! 

Still searching for that perfect skin care product? Local brand Klenz offers super affordable yet super effective items like oils, mousse, caviars, masks, scrubs, masks, toners, and body butters that address the most common Filipino skin care problems. No matter how hectic your days are going to be, now’s the time to make good skin a priority. 

Talk about (literally) shaking things up this year! The newest offerings of Fruitas are exciting and refreshing treats to get your health goals in check. One is the Fruitas Super G juices. They’re made with guyabano, a superfood that helps fight fever and viral infections. While you’re at it, try their line of Fruitas Ice Candy which (get this) comes in very affordable sizes.

Maintaining 20/20 vision is harder these days due to the fact that we’re often too exposed to our TV, phone, and laptop screens. But overexposure can cause Dry Eye Sydrome (DES). Combat the symptoms with a bottle of Systane Ultra Lubricating Eyedrops. That way, you can binge-watch your favorite series or spend longer hours online while investing in a good habit!  

Speaking of investing, online healthcare exchange platform Maria Health has arrived in the Philippines! Designed to aid Filipinos in choosing the right health plan for them, Maria Health is packed with quotes, enrollment support, and guides on the country’s top HMOs. Visit to shop healthcare and determine which plan or coverage best suits you.

Where’s the Buzz

In search for a good place to spend time with your loved ones? Going to Blue Bay Walk in Pasay City might be the perfect venue to bond with one another. There are shops around with interesting stuff, parks and activity centers built for recreational fun, and of course, food stalls that will satisfy the cravings of the group. 

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