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Cheat Sheet: Try This Full-Body Workout While On 'Work From Home!'

Cheat Sheet: Try This Full-Body Workout While On 'Work From Home!'

A lot of freelancers and even a few from the corporate workforce nowadays opt to work from home. While, true, the Marxists in us would say doing so spares or reduces the company's expenditure and instead transfers it to us, the privilege of time can also be a proletarian's gold mine. "Flexi" is a dream term to call our day-to-day schedule and structure, allowing us to go on vacay without adjusting to anyone, meet up some friends in the middle of the day, and, maybe but most probably, wake up anytime we want. That is, of course, if you're done with your output. Having to squeeze a gym sesh is also filed under the perks, if it's not that obvious yet. But what to do when you are still as swamped in this supposedly easy-breezy working system? You. Work. Out. From. Home. Go ahead and cue some Fifth Harmony, as fitness inspos and models Tohid Ajdani and Sig Aldeen teach us how to shape up even with no equipment in hand!

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Produced and written by Barry Viloria | Cinematography by Vyn Radovan | Editing by Lui Jimenez | Models: Tohid Ajdani, Sig Aldeen, and Joana Mejia | Shot on location at Fitness First SM Aura, BGC, Taguig City | Special thanks to Shayne Gualin of Ogilvy & Mather Philippines




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