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Cheat Sheet: 5 Hacks If You Want To Learn A New Language Quickly

Cheat Sheet: 5 Hacks If You Want To Learn A New Language Quickly



By Ethan Siat
Chalk Campus Correspondent

Learning a new language may be a daunting task for a lot of people. Getting your tongue tied and memorizing all these foreign words don't really appeal for some. But for those who would like to challenge themselves and get immersed in another culture, learning a foreign language is not a totally lost cause. Yes, it can be a sturggle, but don't be discouraged as there are great ways to help you learn quickly and efficiently. Here, we list down a few hacks if you want to master a new language stat!

1. Learn the alphabet and writing style first. Learning how to read and write the alphabet is the foundation of taking up any new language. What's the point of knowing new words and phrases if you don't know what those letters mean? Whether it's the Pinyin in Chinese or the Kanji in Japanese, a lot of practice is needed in writing as the style is very unfamiliar for us as opposed to the Roman alphabet. The only way is up when you finally master the writing style!

2. Look around you. A great way to spruce up your vocabulary is by knowing the words to stuff and places you see everyday. Try taking sticky notes and labeling every item in your home or office desk to its corresponding foreign word. This is a great way to grasp new vocabulary as these things are most likely the words that you will incorporate in a daily conversation rather than trying to memorize hardly used words.

3. Start a journal. Writing your thoughts down will help you master the language sooner. For starters, try to jot down what you did for the day using the languange you're currently learning. This will help you memorize phrases that can be easily used in a conversation later on. Journaling is also a useful tool to practice your writing in a foreign alphabet!

4. Get into their pop culture. One of the most fun ways to learning the language is by engaging in the country's entertainment such as films, TV shows, and music. Try doing without subtitles when you binge-watch your favorite anime you or memorizing the lyrics to your favorite K-pop song. With this, you can catch repeated words and phrases. Watching shows and films can also help you understand the way locals speak the language and the nuances in their culture. And did we mention that this is the least boring way to learning?

5. Act like a tourist. You will most likely use whatever new knowledge you've acquired when you visit that particular country for the first time. With this, you can master common words and phrases that a tourist like you would most likely use. Learning common tourist phrases such as "Where is the bathroom?" or "How much is this?" can help broaden your repertoire. You can also try to learn about the signs on the subway or street food names. The most important aspect to this is that you can utilize the words immediately, and it's incredibly useful as someone who's visiting the country the first time.

Learning a new language can be an extremely rewarding experience. It's also a useful skill that can be advantageous to you later on. As with any kind of subject, patience is a must. Don't rush yourself in trying to learn everything in one sitting. Set a schedule that makes it convenient for you. Also, practice makes perfect. Always remember to read, write, and listen. You'll get the hang of it in no time!

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