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Now Showing: 'Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes' Takes Bold Attempt At Conveying Humanity's Many Colors

Now Showing: 'Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes' Takes Bold Attempt At Conveying Humanity's Many Colors

Upon watching the trailer, Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes seems like a younger and Filipinized version of Netflix’s Grace and Frankie premise-wise. But with Judy Ann Santos and Angelica Panganiban in the lead, I already knew that this film would actually be even more than what it offers in the trailer.

First off, Mara Clara reunites on the big screen! Woah! And now they’re playing upper middle class Titas. Sweeet! +2

Gladys Reyes, tho, and her expression, ‘Mother-Father’... I can’t even. -1

Angelica plays Mrs. Cindy Reyes and she is always at her best when she acts as her default onscreen funny girl persona. But she becomes extra ‘extra’ in a Catwoman costume trying to seduce her husband played by JC de Vera. Definitely one of the film’s highlights! +3

Carmi Martin plays Angelica’s mother-in-law with a new term: ‘Cold twinning.’ Don’t worry, you’ll get the reference when you get to watch the movie. -1


Good morning cindy! #angdalawangmrsreyes

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Juday portrays a character that she’s never have before and it’s glorious to watch on the big screen. It’s so refreshing to see her so relaxed and almost candid as she becomes the successful careerwoman yet scorned wife, Mrs. Lianne Reyes, exchanging cuss words with fellow Mrs. Reyes, Cindy. Her character is also given a wide range of emotions to play with in both dramatic and comedic moments. I think she’s gonna make a killing come awards season with this one. +4

That love letter montage that suddenly went silent for a good minute or so. Were we supposed to create our own voice over monologue for this scene? -2

But then there’s the talking cat! And all is right again in the world. +3


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The film tries to tackle the different kinds of gender with the advent of the LGBTQQIP2SAA... to Z movement which is quite informative yet parodistic in a way so as not to seem too preachy. (+3) Along with it are the introduction of the two Mr. Reyeses who have eloped from their wives. But maybe 'cause the film is told in the points of view of the women, we don’t really get a clear grasp of these male characters enough to sympathize with them (-3) which just kind of neutralizes the whole point to begin with.

Quark Henares is extra quarky (pun intended) and appears as the effeminate and sexually ambiguous private investigator. This would have to be my favorite character in the film! +3

Enter: Nico Antonio as the ovo-vegan macho dancer Steve, who’s still actually a virgin with a golden heart and a pure conscience and who also has a penchant for instagram quotes. Need I say more? Now this would have to probably be my favorite character, unless this film comes up with more stereotype bending personalities, and with how the film is progressing, I actually wouldn’t be surprised. +4

Though the film ends at a strong note, it struggles and stumbles along the way to get to that point. (-3) But the core of the film wins you over as it discusses a topic that has never been tackled on film which is an amalagamation of gender fluidity, anger, and love, all wrapped in a powerful package of forgiveness and acceptance. (+5) But as the saying goes, most of the time it is really more about the journey than the destination so effectively, it’s just a +2.


Ang Dalawang Mrs Reyes grand media launch. Showing on January 17 2018.

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For a total of 17 points which is much more than twice the colors of the rainbow, Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes offers us a very noteworthy film that will be remembered for its courage and heart while giving us laugh out loud moments in the theater. It gives us drama, comedy, LQBTQI... and everything in between. Definitely worth your buck.

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