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In Focus: Struggles Every Working Millennial Can Relate To During 'Petsa De Peligro'

In Focus: Struggles Every Working Millennial Can Relate To During 'Petsa De Peligro'



Ah, petsa de peligro—the agonizing last few days before pay day when the hours seem to stretch longer than ever and your wallet seems to tighten by the minute. You start counting the days until the day your salary comes in and constantly (and desperately) check your bank account, hoping for a miracle.

We've all been there at least once, and a lot of us may have a regularly scheduled petsa de peligro episode every now and then. If you've been there one too many times, then you know what we're talking about.  

1. Enduring the commute. When you're running low on financial resources, it's time to shelf your Grab and Uber apps until your next pay day. You have to leave extra early if you want to avoid squeezing your way into public transportation and coming to the office as if you just came out of a warzone (which you totally will if you brave the rush hour!)

2. Bringing baon is a life-saver. Passing by your favorite fast food chain and smelling their signature food from outside is pure torture because it suddenly becomes a luxury you cannot afford. The only choices you have left are cooking your own meals at home or snatching instant noodles from the cupboard! 

3. Regretting the small indulgences. Remember the time you bought that soda because you had some spare change in your pocket? We know you're totally dreading that impulsive purchase because if you had kept the money, you would be able to afford lunch today!

4. Saying "no" to spontaneous night outs. Drinks after work? Yes to that...if anyone's willing to pay for your half of the bill! It may break your heart to turn down a get-together, especially since you could really use one right now, but you can barely even afford the trip to the office. The smart (and only) choice you have is to decline and head straight home.

5. Wishing you saved up during college. The biggest regret of basically every millennial struggling to be financially stable is not being wise enough to set aside the excess from the allowance that they received in college. And now, you're beginning to wonder where all that money went. 

6. Feeling torn between asking your parents for money and pretending everything's fine. When your tank is nearly empty, it's almost too tempting to ask your parents for a little extra. But then again, you're a strong, independent, young professional now. Your pride won't allow it. And when they ask if there's anything you need, it hurts to fake a smile and tell them you're good.

If you find yourself in a constant state of petsa de peligro, then maybe you need to rethink your spending habits and be smarter about your expenses. Until then, here's to surviving another month!

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