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In Focus: 8 Workout Routines You Can Try With Your Bestie

In Focus: 8 Workout Routines You Can Try With Your Bestie



Sometimes, the thought of someone watching you work out is intimidating especially if you're just new to this kind of lifestyle. Most people choose to just work out alone which might also be one of the reasons why the days they workout are lesser than the days they don't. Be it boredom or lack of motivation, working out by yourself has its downside. 

So, if you want to push yourself to have a regular workout routine, then perhaps, finding yourself a gym buddy can do the trick! It's less likely that you're going to skip your work out sesh if you have someone expecting you to come—you don't want to be the flaky friend, right? Plus, they can be your lifestyle adviser, spotter, and all-around motivator. Here, we list down the routines you can start doing with your fitness partner to get your #bodygoals started!

1. When you want those abs, but can't afford to go the gym...

You two can finally achieve those bikini-ready midriffs you've been wanting since last summer, no equipment required!

2. When #workoutislife even when you're already on your vacay...

Just because you already achieved your beach bods doesn't mean you have to stop there! An early morning workout sesh on the beach sounds a whole lot of fun!

3. When getting fit doesn't mean you have to give up your for love for booze...

Using wine as props may actually make you work harder because you can't wait to down that bottle of booze as a reward!

4. When you want to stay as BFFs A.K.A. Bootylicious Friends Forever...

It's time to get ready for that Instagram-worthy back shot with your bestie! You might even earn those double taps from the boys you're eyeing!

5. When both of you are on-the-go...

If your roommate is also a fitness buff like you, then this five-minute workout is perfect when you're rushing on a Monday morning!

6. When you want to push each other even further...

If you're game for an intense but fun work out sesh, then doing a challenge together is exactly what you need! Sweating this one out will surely be worth it!


The next time you feel like skipping your fitness routine, then give your friend a call and turn your dreadful gym time into a fun bonding sesh! A healthy competition is always a fail-proof way to unleash your inner fighter!

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