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In Focus: 6 Situations Where Your Friend Needs A Hard Reality Check

In Focus: 6 Situations Where Your Friend Needs A Hard Reality Check



As much as possible, we all want to be supportive to our friends because that's what friends are for, right? But sometimes, it's hard to do so especially when your friend is the kind of person who actually needs a hard reality check. They might be living inside their own bubble too much that they need an intervention or a clapback that would slap them back to reality. In this kind of situations, allow yourself to be harsh and give them what they deserve especially if it's for their own benefit. Here, we list down the moments when you simply have to speak up to your friend give them that tough love they desperately need.

1. When they keep on being a masochist for the one they love...  It's hard when you see your friend acting like a fool for their partner without a care if they've been cheated on and hurt multiple times. But it's even harder when your friend doesn't even listen to your advice! You're trying your best to be supportive of their relationship and not meddle. But when you know there's something wrong already, it's time to slap them back to their senses! 


2. When they're being plain irresponsible with their lives... Whether they drink too much on every night out that you end up cleaning after them or they're wasting their time on useless things, your friend needs some scolding if they're basically being careless and immature. The time might come that they will constantly depend on you or others, thinking that it's okay to do so. So before it gets to that toxic level, make sure you give them a hard lesson ASAP!


3. When they think it's okay to do what's obviously wrong... If your friend is cheating on their partner or getting on with someone who's already taken, then it's time to call them out no matter how hard it would be. Condoning them will only make their bad ways worse, so better set that intervention as soon as possible.


5. When they have attitude problems... When your friend gives you the kind of attitude that would test your limits, you can't help but ask yourself, "Is this really my friend?" What's worse is when other people outside your group already notices it, and before you know it, your friend is already the butt of gossip around you. So before this happens, make sure you put them in their place where they're not offending anyone, unconsciously or not. Sometimes, a simple "Ganda ka?" will do.

4. When they keep on cancelling plans... Ditching a night out is understandable especially when our schedules get hectic. But when your friend never shows up to any get-together at all without exerting effort to spare an hour for coffee, then this could be troublesome. It's even more annoying when you see their Instagram stories where they're constantly hanging out with other people. Color us jealous or hurt, but missing a friend is bad enought as it is! What more when they can't make time to see you?


If you find yourself in situations like these with your squad, then, by all means, give them a lesson. It's also your duty as a friend to call them out when necessary!

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