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In Focus: 5 of Janina Vela's Most Inspiring Vlogs

In Focus: 5 of Janina Vela's Most Inspiring Vlogs



As one of today's most subscribed YouTube star, beauty and lifestyle vlogger Janina Vela uses her platform in a more impressive way than most. She creates videos with uplifting themes where she incorporates her beliefs and the ideas she's fighting for. Whether it's about makeup shaming or bullying, Janina's inspiring videos surely make her a promising role model for her audience. Here, we're rounding up our favorite videos from Janina that will surely give you the good vibes! 

1. When she made a video for beauty junkies who have been shamed for wearing makeup...

As a beauty vlogger, it's quite obvious that Janina is passionate about makeup. Just like what she has said in the video, makeup makes her happy and unleashes her kikay personality which she's not ashamed of. For her, wearing makeup is like painting your house, putting plants in your garden, and hanging bright-colored curtains in your room, all of which satisfy the desire to make things beautiful. Janina schools makeup shamers that makeup makes us more confident, so there's nothing wrong with it!

2. When she openly talked about bullying...

In the first episode of her Perfectly Imperfect series, Janina focused on the most talked about topic among people her age which is bullying. Though she noted in the comments section that the scenes were not the actual events that happened to her, her video was effective in presenting the reality of bullying and how it affected people more than we could imagine. 

3. When she urged her viewers to be fearless...

In the second episode of her Perfectly Imperfect series, Janina tackled the issue of overcoming our fears. Whether it's having self-doubts or being scared of failure, what we really need is a reminder from a friend (or even a stranger) that the only one pressuring and judging us is ourselves. We are our worst critic, and it's nice to realize that we must simply look at ourselves with kindness to be able to power through whatever that holds us back.

4. When she gave pieces of advice to aspiring YouTubers...

If you want to be a YouTuber someday, then this Q&A vlog is for you! She shared her humble beginnings as  a vlogger, saying that you don't need a glamorous setup like ring lights and HD cameras just to achieve what you want in a video. The important thing is that you can show your true self to your readers and give them something new to learn. All you need is a spark of inspiration and the courage to hit that Upload button, and you'll get there!

5. Instead of producing "Vlogmas" for Christmas, Janina talked about the true meaning of the season which is Jesus' birth.

Janina's video entitled "We've Forgotten" is truly worth the watch. According to this inspiring lady, Christmas is not about the gifts or the parties, but rather, she reminded us that the season is all about giving thanks to The Guy Up There who is the real reason to celebrate such joyous occassion.

Even in her own simple words, Janina has the power to bring out the best in us! Which YouTube personalities do you look up to? Share them below!

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