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Daily Diaries: The Worst Part Of Being Close To Your Ex's Loved Ones

Daily Diaries: The Worst Part Of Being Close To Your Ex's Loved Ones



When you're in a serious relationship with someone, it's inevitable that you'll meet their friends and family. And when you get along with them, they'll even treat as part of the squad or family. But when the unfortunate happens and you break up with them, there's a possibility that your relationship with their loved ones will not be easily tainted.

That's why you have to be mindful in this situation—how will this affect your post-breakup life? There will be changes for sure including setbacks and boundaries. And this kind of "change" might be sadder than your actual breakup with your ex because you're cutting ties with the people who cared for you unconditionally like a family. Here are a few examples:

1. The breakup is twice as painful. No matter how close you are with your partner's family, the moment you guys break up is the moment you have to let go of them, too. You can't say "Hi, Tita!" when you see their mom at the grocery store. You can no loner spend your weekends playing video games with their siblings. Aside from trying to forget your memories with your ex, you also have to do the same with the people you met through them which makes the process twice as hard.


2. If you choose to remain in contact with them, you have to set boundaries. Just the same as wanting to be "friends" with your ex, having a relationship with their loved ones requires boundaries. You can keep in touch with them on special occasions, but you can no longer go to family gatherings even if their sister invites you. You would feel like it's no longer your place, and it's only going to confuse everyone concerned.


3. People will think you're trying to win your ex back. If you're not yet over with your ex, this might be a good strategy. But of course, this is bordering on manipulative. This might even make it harder for your ex to find someone new and move on. If this is not your intention, it might be best to let your ex's family know that you have no interest in getting back together. 


4. It would become uncomfortable for the current partners of both parties. Try your best to put distance between yourself and your ex's friends and family especially if one or both of you are dating someone new already. Be considerate of your new relationships because it may even lead to a case of jealousy. If your partner is still close with their ex's family and they still hang out with them from time to time, how would that make you feel?


We get that the relationships you've formed, especially if it already feels like family, may be hard to let go. But if your current relationship is already put on the line, is it even worth it?  

What struggles have you faced when it comes to your ex's loved ones after your breakup? Share them with us below! 

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