Cheat Sheet: Let Go Of These 5 Toxic Things As You Welcome A Great Year Ahead!

Cheat Sheet: Let Go Of These 5 Toxic Things As You Welcome A Great Year Ahead!

New Year’s Day comes and goes—and so does your will to make that ‘New Year, New You’ resolution happen. Aminin. Your lack of commitment could be one of the reasons why. But we’re also looking at the baggage you still carry from the past. It weighs you down and holds you back from having a fresh start. And we’re here to convince you why it’s time to cut them off completely in your life.

Let go of the fear of failure. Find it difficult to grab new opportunities and conquer new challenges? That’s the pessimist side of you talking. Stop counting the many ways your plan could fail; start imagining the great possibilities that await you if it happens. Taking risks may not be your cup of tea, but it’s a way better option than forever wondering about your life’s biggest ‘what ifs’.

Let go of the toxic ‘friends’. Do yourself a favor and leave your two-faced, user-friendly pals. Those so-called ‘friends’ who only stay because it’s convenient, not because they care. The ones who never fail to give you mean comments or belittle your ambitions. You don’t need that kind of negativity, right? Stick with those who’ll volunteer as your forever cheerleaders—those who’ll support your dreams even if it sounds crazy. Especially when it sounds crazy. Because you’re worth believing in.

Let go of the debt. ‘This time, magtitipid na talaga ko.’ Sounds familiar? That’s because you’ve promised this to yourself over a hundred times now. If you’re serious about growing your wealth, free yourself from debt first. It’s hard to save up when you still have loans to consider. Start with a clean slate and pay all your bills ASAP. That way, you never have to worry about paying interests that could put a huge dent in your wallet—and focus on allotting money for your savings and wise investment plans instead.

Let go of the pain. Forgive the people who hurt you. Forgive yourself for hurting the people who love you. Forgive the universe for not being kind to you. Sure, it doesn’t sound easy. Still, it’s the only way you can move on from your painful past and hope for a better future.

Let go of the clutter. Remember all the unnecessary stuff taking space in your cabinet? The unused clothes? Old documents you don’t need? Broken appliances you said you’ll fix—but never really had the chance to do so? Leave them all behind. And when you spring-clean your house, make sure you’re thoroughly removing all the germs that lurk in your place, too. Disinfect bacteria and virus-prone areas like your bathroom with specialized toilet cleaners like Domex Ultra Thick Bleach. Unlike regular bleach and detergents, Domex is specially formulated to kill all-known germs to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Get rid of everything that could threaten your safety and peace to start your #RoadToTotalWellness without worries!

New beginnings and necessary endings go hand in hand. If you’re committed to making all your 2018 resolutions come true, muster the courage to leave all the baggage that hinders your growth. You can do it!

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