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In Focus: 6 Signs Your Current Job Is Not For You

In Focus: 6 Signs Your Current Job Is Not For You



There are always going to be days when you will feel a little off about going to work. Perhaps it's been a rough week for you or maybe you were just overworked from the day before. Whatever it is you're feeling will most probably ebb away in a few days because you don't just wake up one day and realize you don't want to go to work!

Well, not unless you spent the previous night enumerating all the good reasons to not stay at work anymore. If you notice that some or all of these signs apply to you, it only means that you have to polish your interview shoes once again because your current job is obviously not for you any longer.

1. You find it hard to wake up in the morning. Perhaps the most obvious indicator of how much you appreciate your job is how eager and willing you are to step into a cold bath and brave the daily commute. If you wake up in the morning dreading the tasks that lie ahead of you, take it as a red flag and start reconsidering.

2. It feels as if the pay is unjust. Find a job you love and you will never have to work another day in your life... or so they say. People endure low-paying jobs because they actually like what they do while some people accept high-paying jobs even though they have no interest in the field. It's normal to compare the effort you exert and the amount you receive, but when start you feel as if not even a raise will make you stay, it may be time for a change in career.

3. Not even the people can make you stay. There are times when you apply for a job you initially weren't interested in and fall in love with the people you work with. No matter how tedious your job gets, your officemates always find a way to make work days something to look forward to. However, when the job gets too hard that not even your office best friend can make you stay, take it as the cue to walk away. 

4. You find it hard to be yourself at work. It feels as if you have to put on a mask every time you step into the work place because it feels as if your real self doesn't belong. You don't feel comfortable enough to be yourself in the office which possibly puts some psychological strain on you on top of the tasks you're expected to accomplish. Remember that you should never sacrifice being yourself in any given situation!

5. It feels as if it has lost its magic. Maybe it was exciting at first but for some reason, you lost your drive somewhere along the way. Whether it's because everything played out differently from how you imagined things would be or you found some other passion, your current job doesn't feel as fulfilling as it did during your first few months.

6. Your passion lies elsewhere. This is the adult equivalent of being coerced into taking up a major you never liked because your parents thought it would serve you well to enter a high-paying profession. If you know for a fact that this is not what you want to do, it's high time you do yourself a favor and go after what your heart truly wants.

The longer you stay at a job you don't enjoy, the more you strain yourself and the company you're working for. There's nothing wrong with changing your mind or wanting something else. What's important is that sense of fulfillment you get out of all the hard work that you do. Friendly reminder: never settle for anything less than you passion!

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