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In Focus: Why Every K-Pop Fan Still Wants To Get Their Hands On Physical Albums

In Focus: Why Every K-Pop Fan Still Wants To Get Their Hands On Physical Albums



Ethan Siat
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Physical media may be a thing of the past these days as almost everything can either downloaded, viewed, or streamed online. You might think why people in this day and age would still buy CDs when Spotify is just a click away. However, for hardcore music fans, especially those in the K-pop scene, still religiously purchase their faves' albums no matter what.

K-Pop albums are not just the standard jewel-cased package that are usually released. For fans, every album is a collector's item and a symbol of support to their favorite groups. If you're a K-pop fan yourself, you might relate to these reasons why buying physical albums is still a major thing!

1. The packaging and design alone are worth every cent. K-pop albums are all about the presentation. Hardly any album is enlosed in an easily-broken jewel case that most CDs come in. K-pop albums are packaged in a variety of ways—a gift box, a hardbound book, or even in a VHS tape-style box like f(x)'s 2013 album Pink Tape. The aesthetically pleasing designs are also what makes these albums a collector must-have.


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2. You can't miss the exclusive pictures you can only browse in the photobook. The  photobook is the heart of every K-pop album. Ask any K-pop fan and they will tell you that the pretty pictures of their fave group are the reason for buying the physical album. Most releases come in multiple versions with a different set of photos so fans can buy which concept they prefer. Seriously, 100-plus pages of gorgeously photographed images of your idols is so worth it!


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3. Aside from the photobook, you also get a photocard. The biggest thrill when buying a K-pop album is the photocard of a random member that comes with it. The surprise of potentially getting your bias is the best feeling in the world! If you don't pull your bias, you can trade photocards with other fans which make for a fun community interaction!


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4. There's also a huge poster that you can put up in your bedroom wall. When you purchase an album that comes with a poster, you can sleep soundly as the boys of Block B watch over you!


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5. There are more goodies you can score! Aside from the photobook and CD, most albums include a ton of other freebies to enjoy. There's an assortment of knick knacks such as mini standees, postcards, stickers, or even a paper doll like G-Friend's debut album LOL.

An album is a worthwhile purchase for any K-Pop fan as you get a lot for your money's worth. More importantly, buying the CD can help out your favorite group who works hard for every comeback. It's a good feeling when you can support your biases even in your own simple way!

What has been your favorite K-pop album purchase so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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