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In Focus: This Disney Star Is Our Newest Girl Power Icon!

In Focus: This Disney Star Is Our Newest Girl Power Icon!



The term 'feminism' has already been used and heard since our society was slapped with the reality that women are just as powerful as men. But then again, there's still a lot of people who has a wrong understanding of it, thinking that feminism is all about making women more superior to men. Fortunately, there are advocates who shed a more positive light to this cause, and one of them is a young spirit who can surely inspire the youth!

Rowan Blanchard is a 16 year-old actress who starred in shows like Girl Meets World, Invisible Sister, and Spy Kids: All the Time in the World. In her tender age, the actress has already used her influence for a good cause, showing that no one is ever too young to empower others. Here's why this teen star is our newest girl power icon:

1. At such a young age, Rowan already has a clear understanding of gender discrimination.

Whether it's in the entertainment industry or our "judgmental" society, gender discrimination has always plagued us. And this is the number one thing Rowan wants to prevent as much as she can, including the inequity between female and male directors. She believes that female directors have this level of maturity and energy that's so different from male directors. Sadly, the society sees the female director as "weak" and "pitying." For Rowan, however, she'd rather work with female directors because she knows their work is safely coming from a female gaze. 

2. She has been outspoken with her views and is never scared to include it in her speech.

Rowan delivers powerful speeches where she voices her advocacies out such as feminism, human rights, and campaigns against gun violence. She once spoke about women empowerment at the UN Women and US National Committee's annual conference for #TeamHeForShe, a gender equality campaign led by none other than feminist icon Emma Watson. She's clearly in the right team!

3. She only wants to play characters that will aspire every woman to speak out. 

Rowan's acting career bloomed when she starred as Riley Matthews in Girl Meets World, a Disney Channel spinoff series of the '90s show Boy Meets World. And as expected, her character is just as powerful as her! In one scene, she called her friend, Farkle, a "sexist pig" because he thinks she can't do their science project just because she's a girl. Tell 'em, Rowan!

4. She hasn't only used her voice for women empowerment, but also for the LGBT community.

Rowan has already stated that she doesn't label herself as straight, gay, or anything but "just existing." She has also shared that she wants more queer representation with her character in Girl Meets World

5. She knows that she doesn't need a man in her life to be happy and successful.

There's a connotation that being in a relationship equals to a stable and successful life. So it's nice to know that young people like Rowan already have a strong viewpoint when it comes to her love life, knowing that she has full control on who and when she's going to date, and this should never define her worth or her future as an actress.

Rowan is using her platform to change the world for the better, pushing for the kind of sisterhood that the entertainment industry clearly needs. With the world being a hunting ground for women, we need more actresses like her to fight for girl power! 

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