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Now Showing: Is Your Heart Ready For The Last 'Pitch Perfect' And Maybe A Hailee Steinfeld Takeover?

Now Showing: Is Your Heart Ready For The Last 'Pitch Perfect' And Maybe A Hailee Steinfeld Takeover?

I’ve loved the Pitch Perfect franchise ever since the first movie came out, then a surprise hit. It proved that glee club couldn't only be cool and hip but also be ludicrous. The second installment was even crazier, and I loved how Elizabeth Banks helmed it into a crassly hilarious sequel. This time, supposedly five years outta high school, could they still bring on the charm the third time around?

Even from the first installment, Pitch Perfect has always been about Beca (Anna Kendrick) and weirdly enough, also Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson). These characters became breakout roles for both their careers. So, it was only but fitting that they start out the finale of this franchise—yes, it sadly is—by establishing their undeniably delightful comedic tandem as they are now working women—well, at least one of them is— living as housemates in the city. Rebel is hilarious as usual. It seems like she can turn around any mundane situation and make it beyond funny. +3

Can’t say the same for the other cast like Chloe’s (Brittany Snow) ‘Chicago’ joke that just fell flat on the floor. She did have some other moments though but I’m sure that if they gave those punchlines to Fat Amy, she would have turned them into her own antics. -2

Just like how Rebel made fun of Calamity’s (Ruby Rose) band name, Evermoist. Like, seriously? Who would name their band that?! Well, it is already laughable to begin with but Fat Amy just stretched it to the high heavens, punchline after punchline. I don’t really remember anymore what she exactly said but I remember just cracking up so bad in the cinema. +4

I think I’ll just go on w/ more Rebel anecdotes. There’s this ridiculous tart joke that you have to experience on your own plus that whole bit about chafing that’s just so absurd. I could just go on and on about how farcical Rebel can be. +3

It may seem that Fat Amy has outshined Beca, but Anna Kendrick holds her own and still manages to headline the film with her adorable character. Vocally, she is really immensely talented but Emily (Hailee Steinfeld) stands out, too, that they had to dilute her role in this installment to focus more on Beca. In the end, the star that her character has always been meant to be, comes to fruition. +4

The other supporting Bellas with their quirky personalities also contribute to the riotous mix. There’s Aubrey (Anna Camp), the manic Bella who’s can be aca-mazing at times, Cynthia (Ester Dean), the ghetto Bella, Lilly (Hana Mae Lee), ‘the soft-spoken’ Asian beatboxer, and Flo (Chrissie Fit), the token Latina, 'cause, of course, all races have to be represented somewhat. +3

The commentators played by Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins are surprisingly still in this one, and their presence is a bit forced into the narrative. Though they still come up with some witty and vulgar punchlines, they’re not as effective as in the previous films. -2

The musical numbers are still as enjoyable though there really isn’t a particular one that stands out like the last installment’s "Flashlight." +1

To end the film was a montage of BTS videos from the first to the third connoting an end to an era. Quite touching and bittersweet but some good things have to come to a conclusion before they become overdrawn. +3

Even though Pitch Perfect 3 may be the weakest out of the three films in the franchise with a total of only 17 popcorn points, it is still a pretty good way to end this trilogy. I will surely miss the brand of music, friendship, and humor that Pitch Perfect has brought to the table. But we gotta admit, the Bellas are getting old and maybe it’s time for the Hailee Steinfelds to take over for the next generation. Now there’s an idea for a fourth installment.


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