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The Six Fix: Songs That Will Unleash Your Inner 'Tambay'

The Six Fix: Songs That Will Unleash Your Inner 'Tambay'



There are songs that we love listening to in secret, those we're itching to blast through the speakers, but we're just too scared to be judged. These songs are somewhat our ears’ guilty pleasure that when we sing along to them, we never stutter or even miss a word as if our life depends on it. 

These are the songs that we usually hear when we ride a patok jeepney or have an inuman sesh with our like-minded friends. Whether it's the nostalgia that "Stupid Luv" brings or the catchiness of "Hayaan Mo Sila," these songs never fail to unleash the inner tambay in all of us!

1. “Stupid Love” by Salbakuta

There's simply nothing like the classic rap track "Stupid Love" which has defined our childhood and never left our hearts. We can spit the lyrics out like nobody's business matched by a heartwrenching angst that the lyrics convey. Altogether now: Inaamin ko noon na minahal nga kita pero ngayon, binabawi ko na. Stupid! *cue the hugot*

2. “Gayuma” by Abra

When it first came out, you must have heard this Abra hit everywhere! You hear this on your commute or from random group of kids passing by the streers. And to be fair, the Fliptop superstar's charm has helped this song crossover from the underground rap scene to the mainstream media. You're lying if you say you didn't lowkey think of your crush while listening to this song!

3. “Hayaan Mo Sila” by Ex Battalion

A recent release that has already spread like wildfire is “Hayaan Mo Sila” by Ex Battalion. This song’s catchy rhythm and easy-to-memorize lyrics helped the song catapult to virality raking 31 million views on YouTube before being taken down due to a conflict. Clealrly, this is everyone's current LSS song, and no one is ashamed to admit it!

4. “Biglang Liko” by Ron Henley

According to some, "biglang liko" apparently means going to a motel to do the dirty. And because scandalous themes like this are easy to hit, this track by Ron Henley made its rounds among local stations and even in our personal playlists!

5. “Kriminal” by Skusta Clee

This song became a hit around the time when the Musically app was the hottest thing among netizens. It became the go-to rap song on that app because of its fast tempo. Even young star Andrea Brillantes uploaded her own rendition!

6. “Humanap Ka Ng Panget” by Andrew E.

A true Filipino rap legend, Andrew E. takes the cake when it comes to classic tracks that will always give us a good time when we either sing or listen to them. Nothing beats this king, especially when he gave us this iconic realization about dating: "Humanap ka ng panget at ibigin mo nang tunay." Now, drop the beat!

There's no shame in spitting every word of these songs like fire. Seriously, who can resist these singing along to these classics that bring our authentic Filipino identity out? OPM, represent!

What else are you OPM guilty pleasures? Let us know in the comments below!

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