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In Focus: 6 Times Troye Sivan Became An Inspiration To The LGBTQ Youth

In Focus: 6 Times Troye Sivan Became An Inspiration To The LGBTQ Youth


From making videos inside his bedroom to filling up concert venues, Troye Sivan is the kind of rising star who we can't help but pay attention to. But aside from his undeniable talent, Troye has always proven that he's more than just a YouTube sensation; he serves as a true inspiration to young people like himself when it comes to unleashing your identity.

Troye’s online visibility and openness about his sexuality have sparked discussions between parents and their child about their true selves and accepting who they truly are. There are accounts that Troye have personally helped some of his fans come out to their families.

If you need a new role model in your life to help you stand up for who you are, then Troye is a legit candidate. Here are a few reasons why!

1. His coming out online motivated others to do the same. Troye's most inspiring moment is probably when he openly talked about his sexuality on YouTube. This made a ripple effect and even pushed other vloggers such as Connor Franta and Ingrid Nielsen to make their own videos to cultivate this openness among creators and their young viewers.

2. He uses his platform to push for LGBTQ representation in the media industry. Troye uses his influence to make a difference in promoting equality and acceptance, and just last year, he was honored at the GLAAD Media Awards for his efforts. He was the youngest recipient of the Stephen F. Kolzak award which is given to deserving LGBTQ persons in the media industry. We told you, this one's legit!

3. He urges people to live louder and prouder. After the mass shooting in Orlando back in 2016 which took place in a nightclub popular among the LGBTQ community, Troye called to the youth to be even more fearless about their sexuality. After all, there's strength in numbers, right?

4. He helps people become the bestest versions of themselves. Troye created a video entitled "Becoming You" where he urged anyone who's watching to be themselves. Embracing who you are, being brave to speak out loud, and not minding what people would say are the key points of his message. Quoting Troye, "Life isn't about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself."

5. He never fails to send a message even in the littlest of ways. Wearing nail polish isn’t a norm for guys. But as we’ve said, Troye isn’t scared of being different, and he can break stereotypes and encourage others to do the same even with a simple Instagram post!


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6. He empowers his fans come out. During one of his concerts, a fan asked him to read something from a piece of paper and written on it was his fan coming out as bisexual. What's even more moving is that her mom was also in the crowd which made for an emotional moment. BRB, grabbing some tissues.

Isn't he such a sweet human? And just in case you need any more source of good vibes, here's Troye's recently released track entitled "My My My!"

Which artists inspire you to be yourself? Comment down below and spread the positive energy!

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