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In Focus: 8 Pop Songs That Are Staples In Every Millennial Karaoke Night

In Focus: 8 Pop Songs That Are Staples In Every Millennial Karaoke Night



Karaoke has become a staple aspect of Filipino get-togethers and celebrations. You most probably first learned of it when you heard your parents, titos, and titas singing karaoke classics like "My Way," "Be My Lady," and "I Will Survive."

Not every song is worth your penny in the karaoke machine, but we're willing to bet that these songs will always be sung at least once during your nights out with the squad! 

1. "Chandelier"

Filipinos will always have a thing for belting. And though we're holding on for dear life trying to reach Sia's high notes, we are not going to stop just because we fall short. Plus, we get a kick out of that one friend who will try dancing like Maddie Ziegler.

2. "When We Were Young"

...Or basically any Adele song at all. The beauty of her songs lies in the fact that they're not really that hard to belt out. Although we know we can never replicate the emotions she puts into performing these songs, we're still going to rip our own hearts out while singing to all her hit songs.

3. "Lay Me Down"

Let anyone who's hurting have their moment on the karaoke machine because they deserve to pour out all their pain in every line of this Sam Smith track. Watch out for anyone who starts crying though. Make sure they're not downing every bottle of beer in sight. *wink wink*

4. "Blank Space"

"White Horse" and "Back to December" will always be in our hearts but whenever Swifties need a fun, upbeat song to dance to, we will always go for Taylor's satirical composition. It's a good song to cultivate some sass and release your inner psycho with your favorite girlfriends! No one's judging!

5. "Bad Romance"

"Old but gold"—that's the only perfect way to describe this song. You don't have to be a fan to know the words. Even before you get to sing actual lyrics, your friends will come running to dance with you the moment you they recognize the first few notes of the song! Gaga ooh lala!

6. "Royals"

Royals easily became an anthem among millennials so it's no wonder people raise their cups with their voices every time the chorus comes on. It's a very chill song that anyone can sing along and groove to.

7. "The One That Got Away"

Everyone has that one person they regret letting go of and there's no shame in admitting that. So when you put this song on, expect more than half of your squad to join in and hope their TOTGA hears them out!

8. "Love On Top"

You can trust every biritero and biritera to fight for their right to this song. Even those who are admittedly not talented in singing will get a good laugh out of trying to reach the last choruses. All for the love of Queen Bey!

We just hope our local karaoke update their song catalogues because we're just dying to sing "Versace On The Floor" and "New Rules" during our next karaoke sesh. Did we miss any of your favorite karaoke hits? Let us know in the comment section below!

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