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Now Showing: 'Gandarrapido' Showed Us A Peek Of Pia Wurtzbach's Bright Future In Comedy

Now Showing: 'Gandarrapido' Showed Us A Peek Of Pia Wurtzbach's Bright Future In Comedy

Vice Ganda made it clear to the public as he was promoting his film Gandarrapido: The Revenger Squad that it is nothing more than a good time at the theater. If you just want to have a good laugh, then this is the film for you. And film after film such as this one, he has been delivering ever since Petrang Kabayo. But what sets this film apart from his others? Let’s see...

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We are introduced to Gandarra, a superhero who draws his strength from a magical lipstick spear (Vice Ganda), and his squad of super heroes against Madman (RK Bagatsing) in a CG heavy opening sequence shot in almost full green screen. The special effects are decent—in Philippines standards that is. The scene ends with Madman’s son, Chino, ending up under the squad’s care and Gandarra getting hit in the head by a rock. The tone is set and obviously, this film is not to be taken seriously. +2

Forward to Gandarra now having amnesia, and Chino (Daniel Padilla) is all grown up. Gandarra is so protective of him, yet even he himself doesn’t know why. Oh wait, did I already say he has amnesia? Chino feels like he’s being treated like a child and always tries to escape from his watch. It’s a love-hate relationship that is full of comedic opportunities. That is basically the Padilla-Ganda dynamic in the film. Much like the Martin-Ganda dynamic of Beauty and the Bestie, this new tandem has an instant organic chemistry and their comic repartees come across as very natural and quite effective. +2

I am a Kathniel Fan but I was excited to see Daniel, solo in a film and I am so glad that he is able to carry his weight amongst the presence of Vice. His comic timing is rather impeccable, which has already been witnessed in his earlier films but is further established in this one. I love how effortlessly he throws his punchlines. He’s a natural. +3

Enter Cassandra Stockings (Pia Wurtzbach) as a famous model. With her entrance, she brings on all the campiness she can muster. Out of the blue, she has this outlandish word battle with Gandarra concerning her beauty and Gandarra’s lack of it, which is almost ludicrous but weirdly enjoyable. Looks like a new comedienne is born. Her alter-ego, Kweenie becomes one of the main villains of the film. +4

Despite her endearing comic timing though, Kweenie falls short when it comes to showing other spectrum of emotions. This is her first film anyway, and there are still workshops she can take along the way. -2

We definitely have to discuss the rest of Gandarra’s squad. There’s Flawlesa (Lassy Marquez) who’s an acne-ridden super hero who spews blobs of fighting pimples as a weapon and Higopa (MC Calaquian) who’s a tetra-pack-looking superhero with lungs powerful enough to create a blizzard. Then there’s Pospora (Wacku Kiray), a pyrophoric matchstick and Barna (Kharla Estrada) who gets stronger by eating. I’m guessing she’s named as such 'cause her costume looks like Barney? With a squad like this backing you up, you know it’s bound to be a hilarious riot. +3

Amidst the film’s no-brainer facade, it tries to tackle family issues of forgiveness and independence. Quite a noble attempt, though it ain’t the real strength of the film but I gotta give it points for at least trying. +1

Vice Ganda is known for his parodies for pop culture icons and cinematic moments and this is no exception. It is already expected of him to churn out these punchlines and does not dissappoint. +2

That Duterte joke tho. Most notable of all. You have to watch it yourself to get it. +1

There is nothing much more that there is to discuss 'cause the film is really mostly just fluff, and that’s ok. That’s what I actually admire about the material that it has no pretentions of being more than what it is. I particularly loved how it went full on campy but all within a PG rating which is why I can actually recommend this film for family viewing if you really just wanna LOL in the cinema. +1

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Well, what do you know... 17 points! I really did enjoy watching this movie the most among all the six entries I’ve caught in the MMFF. This could even actually end up as the biggest Pinoy blockbuster of all time if it beats Super Parental Guardians. And if it doesn’t, it only means that Vice should just quit joining the MMFF 'cause he clearly doesn’t need the festival to rake it in at the box office. Give chance to others, right? Plus, I feel that this could have made even more money if they didn’t release it against seven other MMFF entries. #justsaying

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