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In Focus: 6 Savage Responses To Serve To An Ex Who's Trying To Get Back With You

In Focus: 6 Savage Responses To Serve To An Ex Who's Trying To Get Back With You



Breaking up is never easy, but based from experience, there will come a time when you just know that you've already gotten over someone who has given you such a toxic experience. So when you get the "I miss you" or "I want you back" text all of a sudden, it may feel good because you know who's winning in this situation. And if you feel like responding with something savage just to indulge yourself with something close to revenge, then we've got the perfect replies to slap your ex with!

1. "Sorry, the old me can't come to the phone right now."

There's nothing like a Taylor Swift-inspired comeback to serve to your ex because no one else can do it better, right? But on a serious note, any breakup changes us and if your ex is still counting on the "old" you to run back to their arms, then tell them that the've got the wrong number. No one's home anymore, hun.


2. "Of course, you do; I'm perfect."

Okay, we know that if we've got nothing good to say, then it's better to just shut up. But then again, your ex who broke your heart into pieces just told you that he wants you back—major confidence booster, yaaaaas! 


3. "Get in line."

What makes that "I want you back text" even more fun is to make them suffer the loss of letting someone like you go. They should know that you are quite the prize yourself, and there are others out there who would be more than honored to be with you!


4. "And I miss 2NE1. But they're not getting back together either."

There are many things we wish would come back, but there's a reason why even good things have to come to an end. Yep, we are never getting back together. Like, ever.


5. "What's the point?" 

TBH, there's really no point in going back to the person who broke you. Next!


6. "HAHA. No."

Getting back with your ex is so impossible that the idea of it already seems like a bad joke. And because a bad joke is too painful to prolong, you only have enough energy for a plain and simple "No." 


The next time your dreadful ex hints at making up, you have our blessing to send a savage response. Put them in their place, and they would surely shut up! Boy, bye!

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