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Daily Diaries: The Perks Of Occasionally Having Zero Social Life

Daily Diaries: The Perks Of Occasionally Having Zero Social Life



Having a good lot of friends comes with its perks, and films like Mean Girls and The Clique  prove just how glamorous knowing a lot of people can be. From getting invited to nights out to going out for casual coffee, you always have new stories to share at the dinner table with your family or on your Instagram stories.

But maintaining your social life can also be pretty taxing—well, for introverts on the most part. Sometimes, it feels so much better to stay at home with a good book and a decent cup of hot chocolate and not make an effort.

If you're one of the people who enjoy being alone from time to time, you'll understand just how great it is to have some much-needed "me" time. But if you're the type who gets anxious over not having other people around, maybe it's time we tell you what we love so much about the social down time. 

1. How you spend your time is your choice. Have you ever been in a situation where all your friends felt like doing one thing, and you felt like doing something else or nothing at all? It’s frustrating because you end up thinking that all the time you spent could have been spent better. Plus, you can binge-watch all the anime and/or series you want without anyone ever asking you if there’s anything else you can do!

2. Becoming productive is suddenly easy. With no one to distract you, you’ll finally be able to focus on your career and your personal projects. Maybe you’ve been putting off finishing a book because your friends keep asking you to hang out. Or perhaps you suddenly have the time to organize your bedroom. Don’t be intimidated by all that free time because hours will tick by without you even noticing it when you’re doing something that’s actually beneficial to self-improvement!  

3. You save a lot of money. Money should never be an issue among friends and it never is when you’re a  kaladkarin kind of person. However, imagine going for a whole week without meeting up for coffee or drinks with friends. You will never know true satisfaction until you open your wallet and find the wad of cash you left is still there for your spending!

4. There’s no need to worry about judgment. You can listen to all your guilty pleasure playlists as much as you want and watch all the trashy movies you were always ashamed of suggesting during movie nights with your squad. After all, no matter how close you are with your friends, there will always be a side of you that only you will know and accept.

5. You become more aware of the world around you. When you choose to go out alone and enjoy your company, more often than not, you’ll be able to observe and begin to ponder about your surroundings. One day, you'll notice how the security guard at your local convenience store likes to draw when business is slow, or how your neighbor always seems to like double checking his keys before leaving. Everything begins to make more sense, and you find out more about your surroundings more than ever before!

There's nothing wrong with accepting all the social invites your friends send your way, but you shouldn't shy away from having a few moments to yourself. It's scary having all that time and not knowing what to do with it. However, once you figure out how to enjoy it on your own, you'll find yourself frequently squeezing a healthy amount of alone time in your schedule!

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