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In Focus: 6 Signs Your Major Is Not For You

In Focus: 6 Signs Your Major Is Not For You



Choosing your major at a young age can be frustrating, especially if after four years of high school, you still haven't figured out what you're really passionate about. So don't consider yourself a failure if you feel like you don't like the major you chose anymore. If you do feel like this, it's probably high time to shift courses before your current major has sucked all the life out of you.

If you're still second guessing changing your major, here are the glaring signs that will make you pack up and go after what your gut has been telling you from the start. 

1. You chose your major for irrational reasons.

Ideally, you choose your major based on your passion in life. But if you just enrolled in a program because you want to be with your friends or your parents suggested you do so without putting much though into it, then perhaps your decision could be weak. Deciding on your major can't be done overnight or at random. This is why most high school teachers touch on this topic as early as sophomore year to give students ample time to think. If you feel like your decision isn't entirely your own or for your own benefit, then it's likely that you will question it at some point in the future.


2. It doesn't ignite any sort of excitement in you.

Your chosen major should motivate you to do better day by day. The activities, lessons, and people around you should shape you into the person you want to become. When people ask you about your major, you should be proud and excited to say it because you believe it's your calling. But if the mere thought of interacting with your classmates and going to your class can already exhaust you, then you might be better off somewhere else.


3. You are interested in other majors.

Since you're not so invested in what you're currently studying, perhaps something else could spark interest in you. If you're into music, you might find yourself wondering what it's like to actually study music and do it for the rest of your life. You then start asking music majors about what their course is like. And while they're talking about it, you get more and more intrigued about it that the thought of shifting would no longer leave you!


4. You can't imagine yourself getting a job out of your major.

You imagine yourself being an artist, but your major is nursing. That doesn't make sense, does it? Maybe at one point, you did look forward to turning your major into a career, but that's not the case anymore. So when someone asks you about your dream job, it makes you feel scared, annoyed, and confused because you don't really know what you want at the moment! Plus, your major isn't helping you figure it out! Well, at least you know what you don't want, so that's a start!


5. Your major highlights your weaknesses instead of your strengths.

It's true that your GPA won't really matter in your work application, but it does help you graduate. You're getting bad grades because your major doesn't really highlight your strengths. Instead of getting involved, you'd rather daydream in class. And even though you study as much as you can for the upcoming exams, you can't still seem to get the result that you want. 


6. You can't stop thinking about shifting courses. 

The thought of changing your major has crossed your mind more than once. No matter how you try to be positive about your current situation, the idea of transferring still won't leave you alone. And sometimes, the thought of it excites you to the core! If your gut is giving you non-stop signs, then you should probably just go for it.



If you checked at least three signs from the list, then we think it's time for you to change your career. Don't underestimate that feeling in the pit of your stomach! You better make a move now, because there's no time to waste when it comes to building your future!

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