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How to Be A Fresh-Faced Beauty at the UAAP Games Up Until the Final Buzzer

How to Be A Fresh-Faced Beauty at the UAAP Games Up Until the Final Buzzer

As much as it is your duty to cheer your heart out for your team at the UAAP games, it is also your responsibility to look good while you’re at it. But no, we’re definitely not advocating thick, party girl makeup: Save your colorful palette for special occasions, and for drawing your school’s logo on your face. Your UAAP watching game face should be that of your lovely self, only more prepared for the various emotions—joy, excitement, frustration, sadness—you’ll be feeling throughout all four quarters. Look as charming as that cheerleader on top of the pyramid by toting these beauty essentials with you at the arena (chances are you have them in your bag already):

Oil blotting paper. Let’s get real: It’s not practical to lug around a packed makeup kit when you’re off to a basketball game—more so, it’s just not right to be so concerned about retouching when you should be focused on the game (stay in the salon instead if you’re too concerned about how you look). What could be a subtler version of managing shine than oil blotting paper? Put it to good use at halftime.

Lip and cheek tint. The goal is to look fantastic even if you’re trying to keep your kikay kit as compact as possible, and a lip and cheek tint (double duty!) will surely give you that right flush reminiscent of the the color you get after a rush of happy hormones brought about by cheering for your team.

Fragrance that fits you well. It’s a must that you smell wonderful because it can turn sweaty at the arena especially when it’s packed. Stand out from the hyper cheering crowd by smelling exactly how a fresh-faced beauty should: Ethereal and elegant, but not too strong.

A ponytail band. You let loose your waves at jump ball, but end up with sticky strands after several quarters of all out cheering (read: screaming, jumping—you get the picture). Once you feel your locks are getting out of hand because of how highly energetic you are, turn to your trusty ponytail holder to look pulled together in a jiffy.

Just between the two of us, that baller just might not be able to get enough of you once he sees how composed and beautiful you are after everything so better be prepared. *wnk*


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Photograph by Mike Gella, model Bianca Guidotti, makeup by Eliza Ypon for M.A.C Cosmetics, hair by Reynard for Triple Luck Brow and Nail Salon. Special thanks to Vanessa Vergara, Samantha Lewis, and Ogie Rodriguez.




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