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In Focus: When Fandoms Collide—Our Fave Covers Among K-Pop Idols

In Focus: When Fandoms Collide—Our Fave Covers Among K-Pop Idols



If you're musically gifted, making covers of your favorite songs is probably one of your favorite outlets. But if you're simply a music fan, listening to covers helps you discover new artists and love your favorite songs even more.

For K-pop enthusiasts, idols covering other artist's songs bring out the multi-fandom fangirl in them. There's really nothing more satisfying when your fandoms collide, right? Just like when BIGBANG covered the Seo Taiji and Boys track "Come Back Home" to pay tribute to YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk who was a former member of the group.

Just recently, BTS member Jungkook covered Lee Hi's song "Breathe" to pay homage to the late SHINee member Jonghyun who penned the song. His cover garnered mixed responses including allegations that he disrespected and took advantage of Jonghyun. Of course, we believe that Jungkook that he doesn't deserve the hate he's getting now. The BTS star is known for making covers, and in this particular one, you can really feel his sincerity in every word.

Fandoms colliding through making covers is something to be celebrated not criticized. It ultimately unifies the K-pop industry which is not a bad thing at all. And to give you the feels that these musical masterpieces bring, here a few more K-pop covers that you'll surely play on loop!

1. BLACKPINK cover of "So Hot" by Wonder Girls

Probably the most popular K-pop cover among idols at the moment, the girls of BLACKPINK showed a sexy side of them we never knew we needed! "So Hot" is originally sung by JYP's OG girl group Wonder Girls. They changed a bit of its tune to make it their own, giving it a touch of their signature girly pop tune. 

2. Red Velvet, TWICE, GFriend, and I.O.I's cover of "Into The New World" by SNSD

Popular third generation groups covering their sunbae SNSD's debut track is a must-see! Red Velvet, TWICE, GFriend, and I.O.I. performed the second gen group's "Into the New World" at the 2016 KBS Song Festival. K-pop's trending girl groups singing the biggest debut hit of all time surely made for an epic performance. Plus, seeing our favorite girls together on one stage for the first time was something worth remembering!

3. BIGBANG's cover of 'I Love You' by 2NE1

Legends cover legends. With BIGBANG and 2NE1's brother-sister relationship, this cover is something you can actually describe as a parody! "I Love You" is one of 2NE1's sultry songs which has a matching sexy choreography. So BIGBANG did their own version during a YG Family concert, it made everyone laugh including the girls of 2NE1 themselves. CL even said that she's worried people will think this is a "butt-touching" song. LOL! 

4. EXO's cover of "Sorry Sorry" by Super Junior

Another sunbae-hoobae moment, EXO covering Super Junior was a total squeal-worthy performance! Both from SM Entertainment and the biggest boy groups of each of their generations, an EXO and Super Junior crossover surely made every fangirl spazz!  We do wish EXO performed the whole song, though!

5. BTS's cover of "Rainism" by Rain

With the group's vocal powerhouse Jungkook singing this popular Rain track and the rest of the boys doing backup choreography, this performance was a delight to see! They surely gave justice to this song by following the original melody and dance steps!

6. WINNER's cover of "Haru Haru" by BIGBANG

Known as the Kings of K-Pop, BIGBANG gave us a slew of hits that helped them skyrocket to stardom. You may think that no one can do justice to their songs, but another fresh YG talent in the form of WINNER stunned us by covering "Haru Haru" which sounded just as emotional as the original! We love how he sang this like it's his own song!

It's nice to be reminded that our current K-pop idols were once mere fans like us who looked up to their sunbaes, and doing covers is their way of showing their love and respect for them. If you have any more favorite K-pop covers that you want us to know about, give us a shoutout below!

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