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In Focus: We've All Been Through These Levels Of Fangirling Over A Boy Group

In Focus: We've All Been Through These Levels Of Fangirling Over A Boy Group



Fangirling can be considered as a virus that cannot be cured; once you catch it, there's really no going back. Whether you're wildly smitten by One Direction or you've gone Koreaboo over BIGBANG, there's just something about fangirling that's so addicting that you can't help but go deeper and deeper into a fandom until you reach to the point of no return.

If you're currently stanning a group, then you may have gone through these levels of fangirling that have taken you from simply being cautiously curious to literally crying at every picture you see of your bias.

1. The Intrigued Fangirl

This is the kind of fan who's only "curious" about the group. Once something catches her interest, this fangirl will start asking questions that will make her research on them. Most of the time, she's only updated via her fangirl friends or her Facebook feed that's full of media outlets talking about them. She may have heard a song or two, but when you ask her about the members' names, she will look at you blankly. 

2. The Lowkey Fangirl

This fan already knows most (if not, all) of the group's songs. She also knows every member's full name and age! But in this level, she only fangirls when she's alone and doesn't really feel the need to come out of the closet yet! She would even deny it to her friends, all the while saving photos of her favorite members in her gallery!

3. The Out-Of-The-Closet Fangirl

This fangirl is ultimately proud of being a fan! She's already updated with everything that's happening inside the fandom. She may be stanning more than one groups, gets her hands on merchandises, downloads albums, and spazzes online on her free time. She has two accounts on social media—one for those who know her personally IRL, and one for fangirling purposes A.K.A. the spazz account. She enjoys belonging in the fandom and has already made fandom friends online. The next step now is to meet them and her idols in the flesh once a concert or fan meeting happens in Manila!

4. The Unapologetic Hardcore Fangirl

This fangirl believes that to be a legitimate fan, you have to be 100% dedicated to the group you're stanning. And with that being said, you should only be a part of one fandom, not every fandom. She believes that the group she stans is the best, and she tries hard to elevate their fandom as the elite in the community. She may have even founded a fan club herself! She's probably seen her fave group multiple times by now, and even flew abroad just to catch their concert or see the musical one of them is starring in! If you're this type of fangirl, you've probably been in the fandom long enough and have acquired some serious budgeting skills to afford all the expenses of being a true-blooded fan!

What groups are you stanning right now, and on what level of fangirling are you?

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