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In Focus: How This Fil-Italian Model—Whom Harvey Weinstein Once Victimized—Rose From The Ashes

In Focus: How This Fil-Italian Model—Whom Harvey Weinstein Once Victimized—Rose From The Ashes

Months after the audio recording of NYPD’s sting operation on Harvey Weinstein circulated online and years after Ambra Batillana Gutierrez was bashed by different tabloids, the 24-year-old model is finally out of this dark period and excruciating experience. She stood up against one of the most powerful, most influential, and wealthiest men in the world.

Weinstein was glorified in Hollywood. Most of the people identify him as a prominent film producer and executive. He portrayed himself the way he wanted to portray himself, rich, famous, and a person who doesn’t take no for an answer. In the arduous process of telling the truth and defending herself the Filipina-Italian model was dragged through the mud because of  her allegations. Ambra was called names such as opportunist, publicity seeker, desperate, and blackmailer.

“What really hurt me the most was hearing people saying I did it for money and fame but the truth is I have dignity and respect for myself and that's the most precious thing for me, my integrity.”For two years, Ambra suffered in silence. She never had the chance to voice her opinion or have her own voice in public about what really took place until the scandal unfolded October of last year, it came to a point of truth and led up to the events unmasking who Weinstein really is. For  many years, Ambra and dozens of women were brought in the situation under one circumstance and were forced to keep mum.

“I just wished they would have come out two years ago, but everything happens at the right time.”

But her values did not allow her to settle for what could have been a great opportunity for her given the power and money that Weinstein has. She spoke and saw vindication.

“I know I’ve done the right thing and the truth always comes out.”

With a background of mixed heritage, Ambra has to overcome a lot more. Not being a hundred percent Italian, she was looked upon differently and not given the same opportunity. In Italy, she also had to escape another scandal involving the ex-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in his alleged bunga bunga parties.

Since then, Ambra rebuilt herself, her life, which she has done a fantastic job doing. She’s been able to put her head down and continue to move forward. Now she feels relieved that she can finally have her voice back and she doesn’t have to be scared anymore of what will people think about her, of being judged based on lies that were all over the internet. She now has the peace of mind. Her life is finally coming back.

“The ordeal taught me to never give up any hard situation because I believe that God will never give you obstacles that you can't overcome.”The scandals Ambra were involved in completely changed her life and career. The condemnation lead to  vindication. The coming out of more than 40 female victims of Weinstein over time helped Ambra forget how her reputation was smeared and tainted by international media outlets.

“It did change me a lot. I learned to appreciate the little things in life more, to be happy with spending time with my family, friends and that I’m in this world with the reason of helping others and that’s what I’m doing and will keep doing because makes me happy.”


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Living in New York, Ambra's life revolves in modelling and advocacies. Through her social media accounts, she posts inspiring messages about sticking up for women’s rights, protecting women and street children, and how women can overcome atrocities that occur in daily life.

“Never silence yourself, assess the importance of any decision or action, you could be saving a lot of people with the simple act of talking.”

Ambra sees big opportunities coming her way. Archstone Pictures bought the rights to her life story. She also has campaigns with local fashion brands about women empowerment. Charity has also become a way for her to express appreciation to all the good things happening in her life right now. She raises funds, donates money, food, and supplies for children from impoverished communities through Humanility, a local non-profit organization.

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