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In Focus: Six 'Riverdale' Midseason Finale Questions We Want Answered ASAP!

In Focus: Six 'Riverdale' Midseason Finale Questions We Want Answered ASAP!



Riverdale's midseason finale last November 29 gave us a month of cliffhanger feels, making our usual Thursday nights feel a bit gloomier! So we're absolutely excited that the show is coming back this month with new twists in the making and characters to watch out for! And because S02E10 left us all hanging, we have a bunch of questions that need to be answered ASAP!

If you haven't watched Riverdale's midseason finale episode, we're warning you that this will contain a lot of spoilers. But if you're one of those viewers who loves to be fed with content before a new episode airs, then continue reading!

1. What would that Barchie kiss entail?

The midseason finale left every fan of every ship shook! Archie and Betty kissed during their investigation, which gave us mixed feels and a buttload of questions! While we all thought that the Barchie ship has sunk, it seems as though it's rising from the depths of Season 1, as Betty made the move to kiss Archie this time around! So does this mean they're back together now? Did their feelings for each never go away after all? This is too cray!


2. How awkward would this be for Jughead and Veronica?

Okay, we all know everyone's broken up already. But what makes this whole situation complicated is that they're all besties with each other. Knowing that the person you kissed just recently broke up with your bestie isn't exactly comforting for anyone in the party. Veronica and Jughead would surely feel crushed and perhaps betrayed after this! What would happen to their friendship now?

3. Who took those pictures of Veronica and Archie? 

It was apparent that when Veronica and Archie kissed at the Andrews' porch, someone was watching them and took pictures of them kissing! It's one of the cliffhangers of the episode because there wasn't a single clue on who did it and why. Was it Toni Topaz, the Southside's aspiring photographer? Or was it Betty, who seemed like she wanted to get back with Archie? Who knows? Maybe it's the show's way of introducing a new character! 


4. What will happen to Penny Peabody?

In this episode, Jughead and his Serpent friends took Penny Peabody to Greendale and threatened her to never come back to Riverdale. It was also implied that Jughead wanted to kill her, but simply chose to cut her skin where the Serpent tattoo was inked. Was Penny Peabody threatened by the Serpents or is she going to have her revenge soon? Is she never going back to Riverdale at all? We hope not!


5. When will Sabrina, the Teenage Witch make it to Riverdale? 

It was confirmed by the writers of the show that Sabrina, the Teenage Witch is one of the new characters that will be introduced in Riverdale. We have no idea who will play this much-awaited character yet. But with Greendale, Sabrina's hometown, being mentioned during the midseason finale, we're guessing that she will appear sooner than we think! 


6. Is Joseph Conway the real Black Hood? 

During Betty and Archie's investigation, the two met Black Hood. Everything was chaotic after that, with Archie being put in a coffin alive proving that Black Hood knows no justice. They chased after him, before Sheriff Keller shot him. And when they took his black mask off, they saw Joseph Conway—Riverdale High School's janitor. However, there's been a lot of fan theories, with one sticking out in particular: that the real Black Hood ordered Joseph to pretend that he's Black Hood for him to be able to escape. Could the real Black Hood be alive? We can't wait to find out! 


After their seven-week break, Riverdale is finally coming back on January 24! Are you as excited as us? Do you have any more fan theories? Let us know in the comments!

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